Everything your kids need in a phone… Nothing they don’t. Introducing Clean Phone!

Finally, a safe smartphone for teens!

Does your kid need a phone, but not unlimited access to TikTok, Candy Crush, and YouTube? In the past, families had to choose between giving their kids 24/7 access to the entire internet (scary!) and buying a “dumb phone” (so not cool!).

Not anymore! Clean Phone is a full smartphone with robust parental controls for scheduling, automatic logging, and approving app downloads. CleanYouTube and Clean Browser are built-in!



Clean Phone extends your Clean Router’s protection beyond your walls. Whether your kids are on vacation or at a friend’s house, Clean Phone is the easiest and most flexible way to protect your family!



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The original parental controls router is better than ever!

SuperbCrew, a business news website covering innovative companies, featured an interview with Clean Router CEO Spencer Thomason! They covered Clean Router’s origin story (superhero style :D) and talked about why Clean Router stands out among competitors.


Here are our favorite parts of the interview:


How we’re unique

“Our competitors require you to install software on each device and jump through a bunch of hoops. The CleanRouter is very unique in that it’s an actual physical device – a wireless router. You simply plug it in, and it automatically protects all of the devices in your home.”


The shout-out to our awesome support team

“We have a great US-based support team ready to assist you with just about anything. Call, email, or use the live chat on our website – we’d love to hear from you!”


And the very first moments of Clean Router magic

 “The first prototypes ended up working so well, I knew I had created something special. I just had to get these into the hands of families across the country.”


Read the full interview here!


Clean Router blocks porn and other adult content with cutting-edge parental controls technology. Our web content filtering is device-specific so parents can loosen the filters or opt-out completely. The settings are completely customizable to meet the needs of the family you have now AND the family you will have in five years. Why wait? Online peace of mind is only a few clicks away.


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Clean Router Mesh: Fast WiFi in every corner!

Wireless internet is fantastic… until it isn’t. When your internet is down to one bar, or you happen to be sitting in the dead zone of your house, you may find yourself wishing for the “good old days” of wires and plugs. Luckily, there’s no need to look to the past; the best days of the internet are no longer yet to come– they are here!


Clean Router Mesh provides plugged-in speed without wires in EVERY corner! Our WiFi nodes enhance your Clean Router’s speed and coverage to blanket your home, business, or church with fast, clean internet.



No more limiting streaming or online gaming to one corner of the house!


Your internet network’s “sweet spot” is now wherever you are!


Clean Router Mesh is specifically designed to enhance the Clean Router’s performance. Consequently, you must have a Clean Router to use Clean Router Mesh.


Clean Router customers, two Clean Router Mesh nodes can be yours for only $99.99!


Don’t wait– order your Clean Router Mesh today by clicking here!


*A note for long-term Clean Router customers: Thanks for staying with us! If your router is more than two years old, and you would like to purchase Clean Router Mesh, please call us directly.

Clean Router Chosen As One of Eleven Rising Arizona Startups!

 Tech.Co has picked Clean Router as one of the “need to know” startups in Phoenix!


Formerly known as Tech Cocktail, Tech.Co describes itself as a “vibrant media, community and events organization for creatives, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts.”


Here’s what Tech.Co had to say about Clean Router:
“Managing your child’s internet activity is a constant challenge for parents. Clean Router helps parents manage devices and filter out inappropriate content with a 7-Layer IntelliFilter. The router logs all activity per device, offers time restrictions, email reports, blocks by keyword, and even filters YouTube.”

The Tech.Co piece featured ten other Phoenix startups, including Attribytes, Beacon Biomedical, Catalytic Health Partners, CodaKid, FetchRev, and more!


Thanks Tech.Co!


You can read the full story by clicking here!


New to Clean Router? Come how we protect families online and why internet safety is so important to us by clicking here!

Read About Clean Router in Parents Magazine!

Clean Router has been included in a digital safety feature in the December 2016 issue of Parents magazine!


Parents especially appreciated our adjustable internet filter and the option to set individual schedules for each device in your home, as well as the ability to view the kids’ browsing history at any time. Clean Router was mentioned in a round up of internet safety tools for parents as a kid-safe router.


Clean Router is being recognized nation-wide for our hardware-based solution to online pornography, violence, and other adult content! Our customers love the combination of flexibility, security, and quality that set Clean Router apart in the internet safety industry. Clean Router’s accessibility and customizable options make us the best option for growing families– as your kids grow and mature, so can your internet controls! Our top-of-the-line Clean Router will cover every device in your home (even the kids’ friends’ devices!), and our new mobile apps secure and filter devices even after they leave the Clean Router network.


What do you love about Clean Router? Comment below!


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Kelly’s Thoughts On Things Reviews Clean Router!

Popular blog Kelly’s Thoughts On Things has reviewed Clean Router! The reviewer, Angie, loves our easy set up and knowing her kids are protected even when she is out running errands.


“The set up is so simple that even I could do it. All you have to do IS: unplug the power on your modem. Connect your cables, power, router, and then your computer or device to the router. Open your browser, go through the setup wizard and connect to your new router. Which gives you one less thing to worry about as parents. While the kids have the freedom to play and surf online while you are not home. But you know they are safe and protected. You have complete control over the devices that use your wifi. Now you can safely leave and run errands while your kids have company.”


Angie also went over our home and mobile plans. You can read the full review here!
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Clean Router featured on FOX 2 Detroit!

Clean Router has made the news again!


Derek Kevra, Detroit FOX 2 news anchor, produces a weekly Tech Talk segment featuring the latest tech gadgets. And Clean Router made an appearance!


Derek loved how Clean Router takes the work off of keeping your kids safe online. No more shouldering hovering or feeling out of the loop! Clean Router offers customizable filters and schedules to meet your family’s needs. As your kids go back to school and homework, have the online peace of mind that comes from knowing your kids are protected!


The Clean Router portion of the Tech Talk segment begins at 4:25. You can watch it by clicking here!

Clean Router featured on Things That Go Aww

Things That Go Aww has featured Clean Router on its blog!


“The set-up is so simple that even I could do it. Unplug the power on your modem. Connect your cables. Connect the modem power. Connect the router power. Connect your computer or device to the router. Open your browser, go through the setup wizard and connect to your new router. [Clean Router] gives you one less thing to worry about as parents. Now, they can play and surf online while you are not home. But you know they are safe and protected. You have complete control over the devices that use your WiFi.”


Angie, the reviewer, also covered Clean Router’s features and our home and mobile plans.


You can read the review in full here!


Ready to protect your family with Clean Router?


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Gospel Herald Reviews Clean Router!

Check out this review of Clean Router at the Gospel Herald! The Gospel Herald reports on Christian news, including current events, interviews, and more.


“Most houses have a router so there can be wireless Internet for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  For those that have families with kids, there is a way that pornographic material on the Internet can be blocked thanks to the Clean Router. 


Once [the routher and settings]  set up, I then went online to see if I could find porn.  Yes, I realize that a lot of people have had problems with this, and yes, I am handling this subject lightly.  One thing about pornography is it usually isn’t stumbled upon accidentally, but a few keywords of a sexual nature can find long lists of it. 


Needless to say, this is where I awkwardly admit that I clicked on some of these options for porn, and I got the screen that you see in the image.  As you can see, I was blocked.  I could allow ‘Temporary Access’ or ‘Permanent Access’.  It is up to the administrator to enter the Admin code if you want to see the questionable material.”


The reviewer also complemented our awesome support team and recommended Clean Router for families.


The article also touched on the issue of porn addiction and whether Clean Router can end an individual’s pornography addiction. While using a router-based internet filter to block pornography from all the devices in your home is important to aiding recovery, Clean Router is not meant to singlehandedly kick your porn addiction for you. We cannot overemphasize the necessity of personal accountability and familial, ecclesiastical, and professional support in overcoming an addiction to pornography. Technology is a tool, not a cure-all.


To read the full review, click here!


With pornography only a click away, it has never been more important for religious leaders to protect their churches and encourage congregations to protect their homes.



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Feature Friday: Clean Browser Available Now For Android!

We are excited to announce that Clean Browser is now available in the Google Play store!


Clean Browser is a mobile app that provides kid-friendly internet on any internet network, including 4G! We repeat– even if your kid goes to the mall, to Starbucks, to school or uses the data plan in your home, Clean Browser will continue to protect the mobile device.


Clean Router has you covered at home, and now Clean Browser extends your peace of mind outside your home to wherever your kids are.


To use the Clean Browser app, Clean Router needs to be running version or later. If your Clean Router runs an older version, please contact our support team by calling 520-445-4673, emailing, or using the live chat function on our website. While the Clean Browser app is free to download, some users may need to upgrade their subscription.


Clean Browser is still a BRAND NEW PRODUCT, so we are still in beta testing. If you have any suggestions or experience any errors, please take a screen shot and contact our support team!


Have you tried the Clean Browser? What do you love about it?


Comment below!