Kelly’s Thoughts On Things Reviews Clean Router!


Popular blog Kelly’s Thoughts On Things has reviewed Clean Router! The reviewer, Angie, loves our easy set up and knowing her kids are protected even when she is out running errands.


“The set up is so simple that even I could do it. All you have to do IS: unplug the power on your modem. Connect your cables, power, router, and then your computer or device to the router. Open your browser, go through the setup wizard and connect to your new router. Which gives you one less thing to worry about as parents. While the kids have the freedom to play and surf online while you are not home. But you know they are safe and protected. You have complete control over the devices that use your wifi. Now you can safely leave and run errands while your kids have company.”


Angie also went over our home and mobile plans. You can read the full review here!
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