Clean Router internet filter for families

Clean Router on FOX Birmingham!

Clean Router has been featured on the Mommy Minutes segment of FOX news in Birmingham, Alabama! The video emphasizes Clean Router’s unique ability to filter EVERY device in your home.


The news story aired on July 4, 2016, and you can watch it here.


For a limited time, you can get a basic Clean Router model for FREE with a $12.99/month subscription!


Clean Router stands alone in the internet filtering industry as a dynamic, customizable filtering hardware solution that protects your family from pornography, violence, and other age-inappropriate content. Click here to order your Clean Router and enjoy online peace of mind this summer!

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AndroidGuys Reviews Clean Router!

The AndroidGuys reviewed Clean Router last week, and we love what they had to say!


You can read the full review here, but these are our favorite parts of their article.


On why every family needs Clean Router:

“Imagine a five year old searching for “six” but doesn’t know how to spell it properly and instead spells “sex”. Use your imagination and you can find quite a few scenarios where a child may accidentally expose themselves to content that they should not see until they are more mature. Porn on the internet is a $3 billion industry. It’s super easy to access the wrong kind of content, and now there is a way to manage your child’s internet content with a tool from Clean Router.”


How Clean Router works:

“Clean Router offers a simple solution where you simply plug in its tool into your router. Setup takes no longer than five minutes. There are two packages available to users: the base model is ideal for families that want protection online and have only a few devices at home and minimal square footage of wi-fi coverage range. It automatically blocks pornography using proprietary IntelliFilter technology. Then there is the Pro version, which comes with the latest 802.11ac – which means better wireless speed, range, and overall better performance.”


Thanks, AndroidGuys!


What do you love about your Clean Router? Comment below!


Order your Clean Router today!Learn tips to keep your kids safe online

Clean Router Wins Spring 2016 Arizona Innovation Challenge!

Clean Router has been announced this week as one of six awardees of the Spring 2016 Arizona Innovation Challenge!


This biannual business competition run by the Arizona Commerce Authority provides grants to startups and early stage companies that have reached certain business milestones and demonstrate innovation and quality.


The Arizona Commerce Authority website (ACA) quotes their president and CEO Sandra Watson:

“It is exciting to see Arizona’s entrepreneurial ecosystem continue to grow and produce impressive startup companies, and the ACA is proud to support them. Our rigorous selection process ensures that the best and brightest startups thrive in Arizona – and their success continues to showcase Arizona as a leader in innovation. Congratulations to all of the Spring 2016 awardees, your success is well-deserved!”


Clean Router is honored and grateful to be recognized and to have participated in this event. We would also like to congratulate the other awardees: Allbound, AniCell BioTech, MWI, Salutaris Medical Devices, and SMART Brain Aging.


This is the next step in providing families across the globe with online peace of mind. We have some exciting developments and new products just around the corner. Stay tuned, Clean Router family!