Everything your kids need in a phone… Nothing they don’t. Introducing Clean Phone!

Finally, a safe smartphone for teens!

Does your kid need a phone, but not unlimited access to TikTok, Candy Crush, and YouTube? In the past, families had to choose between giving their kids 24/7 access to the entire internet (scary!) and buying a “dumb phone” (so not cool!).

Not anymore! Clean Phone is a full smartphone with robust parental controls for scheduling, automatic logging, and approving app downloads. CleanYouTube and Clean Browser are built-in!



Clean Phone extends your Clean Router’s protection beyond your walls. Whether your kids are on vacation or at a friend’s house, Clean Phone is the easiest and most flexible way to protect your family!



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block porn

Forget Momo, here’s what parents really need to understand about YouTube

If you clicked on this article hoping to read about Momo, you are in the wrong place. The horrifying creature has already gotten more attention than she (it?) deserves, and I’d rather not waste any more words on her. And I certainly won’t be including any pictures.


Momo captures every parent’s worst fear about the internet, so the story has understandably caught fire online, but she (it?) has not changed anything about YouTube. The reality of the dangers of YouTube are larger than any one threat of questionable veracity.


But I just emerged from under a rock and have no idea what you’re talking about!! What’s Momo?? Pleeaassee??






Ok, that’s all the time I’m giving this subject. Moving on…


It does not matter if Momo is real or a hoax. Well, it matters to YouTube, law enforcement, and filtering companies like us, Clean Router. But for parents, nothing has changed. YouTube is still a microcosm of the internet as a whole: fun, weird, educational, dumb, incredibly useful, dangerous, uplifting, and capable of wasting hours of your family’s time. With that said, there are some specific aspects of YouTube parents need to understand to protect their families.


1) Filtering options exist, but they are not foolproof

Our CleanYouTube is awesome. YouTube Kids is pretty good. Neither are a replacement for parental supervision. Because billions of people can and do add content daily, filters have a hard time keeping up with all the new content. Block YouTube and any alternative your family uses. When your kids access YouTube, insist they do so in a public area of your home with an adult present. Kids think they won’t run into trouble because they are not looking for it; parents may think the same. But the reality is…


2) YouTube has gotten sneakier

Not the company themselves, but the users who upload inappropriate content. Obviously the “Girls Gone Wild” videos are trouble, but seemingly innocent options can have yucky surprises. It’s been well-documented over the past few years that videos of popular cartoon characters like Peppa the Pig and Elsa engaging in disturbing behaviors have flooded YouTube and are even slipping by YouTube Kids’ filters. The thumbnail and title contain no hint of the inappropriate content– there is literally no way to know if the video is ok until it’s too late. Gone are the days when raunchy sidebar videos were the most insidious YouTube threat.


3) Keeping your kids safe on YouTube requires more vigilance than other online content

Because disturbing YouTube content appears out of the clear blue, visiting YouTube is just more risky than accessing other parts of the internet. For parents, this probably means setting stricter rules. As suggested above, blocking YouTube is wise, especially with an option that allows temporary access with a password, like Clean Router. If you normally require kids to use computers and mobile devices in public areas of your home, you may want to require an adult in the room while using YouTube. You might allow some unstructured web surfing, but make your kids tell you exactly what they will be watching on YouTube, then leave the site when their video is finished. If you choose to allow younger children to watch YouTube videos, you should probably be next to them. On YouTube, secrets and privacy should be nonexistent.


Specific internet threats come and go, but the overall danger level of the internet and particularly YouTube stays more or less the same. Even if a scary face is not currently on the front page of Google News, pornography and other disturbing content still exists online, only a few clicks away from your kids. Parents, embrace the cat videos, because if your kids are watching, you should be too.


Ready to protect your family with Clean Router?


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Feature Friday: Skip the ads with Clean YouTube!

At best, YouTube ads are repetitive and annoying. At worst, they can be lengthy, inappropriate (Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, anyone?), and intrusive. Even kid-friendly videos can have adult commercials!


When Clean Router was developing Clean YouTube, we committed to bringing our customers the best of YouTube without any of the slime.That’s why eliminating YouTube ads was a no-brainer. Online peace of mind does not allow for an R-rated interruption.


Don’t worry, you can still search for your favorite Superbowl commercials. But now, Clean YouTube users can view only the commercials that make them laugh– not the ones that make them cringe.


You can use Clean YouTube at any time at or download the CleanYouTube app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).


Skip the ads with Clean YouTube! Save time and worry AND keep everything you love about YouTube. It’s the quintessential win-win situation!


What do you love about Clean YouTube? Comment below!


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Feature Friday: The CleanYouTube Android app is here!

Android tablet and smart phone users, we are excited to announce that the CleanYouTube app is in the Google Play store!


YouTube has become a popular destination for families for good reason. It’s full of educational tutorials, kid-centered entertainment, and endless cute animal stunts. However, the ubiquity of pornographic content endangers children, teens, and anyone just looking for good clean fun. What’s a family to do?


With CleanYouTube, your family can have all the fun of YouTube with none of the filth. Our exclusive Intellifilter technology filters out everything you don’t want your kids to see, and allows access to what you love.


Apple users, the CleanYouTube app will be here soon. Until then, you can use CleanYouTube any time at!


Clean Router family, stay tuned for more exciting developments! We are going to have an eventful summer.

Feature Friday: CleanYouTube and Clean Router Come Together!

Hey Clean Router family, have we got news for you!


Ever since the beginning of Clean Router, we have been looking for a way to clean up YouTube. As you know, the temporary solution has been to force YouTube to use their safe search function. This eliminates almost all content, including much of the innocent mainstream content that the average user enjoys on YouTube. We are excited to announce that Clean Router users now have a way to safely enjoy the best of YouTube and avoid the worst.


First, visit if you are home and on your Clean Router network. If you are away from home, you can go to instead. Log in with your administrator password.


Under “Filter Info,” on the left side of the page, there’s a new menu item: “CleanYouTube”. On this page, you will have FOUR options to choose from when deciding the access your family will have to YouTube and CleanYouTube.


The first option allows you to route all YouTube traffic to CleanYouTube. If you haven’t tried CleanYouTube yet, we highly encourage you to hop over to and check it out! This new Clean Router product is still in beta testing, so please let us know if you find any errors or bugs. Unlike the YouTube safe search, CleanYouTube provides similar filtering to the Clean Router, so all family friendly content will be accessible.


The second option is a CleanYouTube Strict Search. While most users find CleanYouTube’s filtering level adequate for their needs, some users may want even stricter filtering. These users may select this feature with or without routing all YouTube traffic through CleanYouTube.


The third CleanYouTube option blocks all videos newer than three days. This gives our system time to flag any inappropriate videos and provides your family with an additional layer of protection.


The last option is the one we are all familiar with– to force YouTube to work in safe search mode. If this option is working for your family, feel free to keep using it. We still strongly encourage you to check out CleanYouTube, because we believe it will improve your online experience.


That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more exciting new developments including a Clean Router Remote Control app, a CleanYouTube app, and a Clean browser– all coming soon!

Feature Friday: 3 Ways CleanYouTube Will Change Your Life

Have you tried CleanYouTube yet? Our new video search engine sanitizes YouTube to provide your family with a whole new level of online peace of mind. Here are three ways it will change your life:


1) You can watch awesome anti-pornography videos like Terry Crews’ Dirty Little Secret Series (click here to watch part 1!)without worrying about what skeezy suggested videos will come up on the side.


2) You can search for videos without wondering in which ways YouTube will twist your innocent search terms.


3) You no longer have to support a platform that facilitates the production and consumption of pornography.


The wait is over! Head to now, and don’t forget to send us your feedback at After all, this is just a beta version, so we’re going to get better and better!

Feature Friday: Seven Analogies To Explain CleanYouTube’s awesomeness

Has CleanYouTube changed your life yet? Or at least your family’s internet experience? If not, you must not have tried this latest product of ours. Check out CleanYouTube now by clicking here or visiting


CleanYouTube beta is our way of taking “online peace of mind” to the next level. Here are five analogies to explain what CleanYouTube will do for your internet experience.


1) Your family had a stomach flu party in your bed, and we washed, dried, and scented your sheets.

2) Your adorable little girl rolled around in the mud, and we bathed her, dressed her, put a bow in her hair, and handed her a kitten.

3) A bird flew over your ice cream at the exact wrong time. We got you a new ice cream cone!

4) You tripped and tore a hole in your favorite pants. We sewed up the tear and added cool new buttons!

5) Some jerk keyed your car, and we repainted your car in the color of your choice.

6) Half your cookie broke off and fell on the floor, and we brought you two of your favorite cookies!

7) Your favorite trampoline broke. We fixed it and added a safety net!


Everything you love about YouTube, and nothing that gives you the creeps. Check out CleanYouTube beta today, and don’t forget to send us your feedback!

Feature Friday: CleanYouTube Is Here!

Parents, your love/hate relationship with YouTube can be over!


CleanYouTube beta is online! We search YouTube and filter out inappropriate results so you don’t have to worry about what could pop up.


Here’s how to try it out:


1) Visit

What’s “io”? It’s just another domain, like com, org, or net.


2) Enter a search term.

It’s just like using YouTube, but you don’t have to play it so safe. Go on, be brave! I entered  “pretty girls.” A completely unsafe search term for YouTube, right? But the results were clean!


3) Note the suggested videos

No longer can YouTube suggest porn as your next viewing experience! Only other videos from the same YouTube channel will appear at the right side of your page. YouTube also suggests videos at the end of each video, and those suggestions will be filtered for inappropriate content as well. In fact the finished version of CleanYouTube won’t have any suggested videos at the end of video play.


We are so excited to show you CleanYouTube! Go to and test it. Share it with your friends and family as well. Remember that this is a beta version, so there may be some bugs. Feel free to shoot us an email at if something goes wrong. We welcome your feedback!