Why Block Porn: For your husband/wife

This installment of our “Why Block Porn” series focuses on pornography’s impact on marriages and spouses.


Like smoking, pornography has the greatest impact on users. However, like secondhand smoke, people close to pornography users can be drastically affected. The user’s spouse in particular suffers intensely.

And yet, pornography users often think the only people they are only hurting themselves. Here are several reasons why “secondhand porn” is so destructive.


Porn ruins your spouse’s self-esteem

It’s bad enough that everywhere your wife looks she sees photoshopped bikini models, “Ten ways to keep him interested,” “Get rid of stretch marks overnight,” and “Lose 15 pounds in 5 days!” Now even her husband is fascinated with made-up, surgically enhanced, and digitally altered actresses.

Husbands are vulnerable as well. Pornography depicts unrealistic male bodies as well as physiologically impossible results. With all the pixelated fireworks, men often feel they can’t measure up.


Porn takes your spouse’s marriage

After watching pornography, viewers reported being less in love with their spouse than before. Spouses of porn addicts find that their loving, caring partner is replaced by a moody, secretive stranger. When your spouse realizes that his/her spouse’s feelings are waning, the intimacy and trust in that relationship decrease as well.


Porn attacks your spouse’s mental health

After learning their spouse has been viewing pornography, most spouses feel angry, hurt, and betrayed. But for some, the emotional effects continue and get stronger. Many spouses experience anxiety and depression. To make matters worse, they feel incredibly lonely as they feel they must keep their partner’s secret, so they have no one to turn to. Research shows a form of PTSD is common among the injured spouse when pornography or other forms of infidelity have damaged the marriage.


Regardless of what you may have thought, pornography is not a victimless habit. For the sake of your spouse (future or otherwise), please block pornography from your house.


Kick porn out of your marriage with Clean Router, the original content filter router! Set an internet curfew to avoid late-night relapses, use our browser history logs for accountability, and block all porn sites with cutting-edge multi-layer filtering. Isn’t it about time you took back your marriage?


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Everything your kids need in a phone… Nothing they don’t. Introducing Clean Phone!

Finally, a safe smartphone for teens!

Does your kid need a phone, but not unlimited access to TikTok, Candy Crush, and YouTube? In the past, families had to choose between giving their kids 24/7 access to the entire internet (scary!) and buying a “dumb phone” (so not cool!).

Not anymore! Clean Phone is a full smartphone with robust parental controls for scheduling, automatic logging, and approving app downloads. CleanYouTube and Clean Browser are built-in!



Clean Phone extends your Clean Router’s protection beyond your walls. Whether your kids are on vacation or at a friend’s house, Clean Phone is the easiest and most flexible way to protect your family!



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Surprise! Black Friday is here!

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, so we’re bringing the holiday cheer early this year! That’s right– Black Friday is here! Use the code CLEANBLACK FRIDAY at checkout to get 20% off any new Clean Router subscription for life!


More families than ever before are using Clean Router to protect their homes. With school closed, parents working from home, and child care space limited, there’s no way today’s parents can do it all. Clean Router offers parents the chance to know their children are safe online without the hassle of hanging over their shoulders. Our multi-layer filtering system is completely customizable, so you can adjust and re-adjust the settings to fit your growing family’s needs.


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Clean Router is the only wireless parental controls router with content filtering on the market. Our easy to use custom controls, packet filtering, cutting edge security, and top-notch support make us the best choice for busy parents who want to block porn and other adult content from their homes and keep their kids safe online. Clean Router is suitable for home and office use. Questions? Give us a call at 520-445-4673 or email us at support@cleanrouter.com.



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Apple Bans Parental Control Apps. Here’s what you need to know!

Apple has recently banned some of the most popular parental control apps from the App Store. (Update: Apple retracted the anti-MDM policy on June 4, 2019.) The remaining apps in the store have removed the ability to provide effective parental controls. We created CleanRouter because we believed parents should have control over the amount of screen time and content on their children’s devices. We still do.


What can you do to protect your family? Our Child App for Android and iOS are distributed via our internal infrastructure and NOT through Apple’s App Store. Our Child App has the following features:

  • Enable or disable specific apps
  • Enable time restrictions
  • Turn the device’s internet off and on
  • CleanBrowser, which replaces Safari, Chrome, etc., to provide safe browsing on your Clean Router network or a 4G connection


How do you get started? Our Child App is included in the mobile subscription, so Clean Router users on this plan can contact support to get started! Email us at support@cleanrouter.com,  call 520-445-4673 during our regular service hours of 7am-7pm MST (Arizona time) weekdays, 10am-4pm Saturday, or use the live chat feature on our website, CleanRouter.com! Families with the basic subscription, now is a great time to upgrade! Contact us today using any of the methods above!


If you have been following the controversy surrounding this story, you may have read about a technology called Mobile Device Management, or MDM. After meeting all of Apple’s requirements, including applying for several licenses, we have implemented the use of MDM in our Child App. It’s the only way to give parents the ability to see what apps are on their kids’ devices and allow or block those apps. For reasons Apple has not disclosed, the use of MDM is permitted on Apple devices, but the distribution of apps using MDM through the App store is now prohibited. Other articles have pointed out how this decision coincides with the release of Apple’s new parental controls feature, Screen Time. We will not comment on Apple’s possible motives.


Of course, families should guard their online privacy closely and choose their parental controls software with great care. Clean Router only gathers and uses the necessary data for the Child App to function properly. We also do not share or sell data to third parties. We have followed and will continue to follow the policies put in place by both Apple and Google. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your Clean Router, please contact us using any of the methods listed above.


Clean Router remains dedicated to providing families with online peace of mind.


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Clean Router Mesh: Fast WiFi in every corner!

Wireless internet is fantastic… until it isn’t. When your internet is down to one bar, or you happen to be sitting in the dead zone of your house, you may find yourself wishing for the “good old days” of wires and plugs. Luckily, there’s no need to look to the past; the best days of the internet are no longer yet to come– they are here!


Clean Router Mesh provides plugged-in speed without wires in EVERY corner! Our WiFi nodes enhance your Clean Router’s speed and coverage to blanket your home, business, or church with fast, clean internet.



No more limiting streaming or online gaming to one corner of the house!


Your internet network’s “sweet spot” is now wherever you are!


Clean Router Mesh is specifically designed to enhance the Clean Router’s performance. Consequently, you must have a Clean Router to use Clean Router Mesh.


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*A note for long-term Clean Router customers: Thanks for staying with us! If your router is more than two years old, and you would like to purchase Clean Router Mesh, please call us directly.

Feature Friday: The temporary bypass

Kids can spend hours a day on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice to limit their access to 15, 30, or 60 minute increments?


Victoria’s Secret can be a great place to purchase women’s clothing, but adolescent boys do not need to check out sexy swimsuit and lingerie advertisements. How can one internet filtering system meet the needs of all the members of a household?


Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry online. Is it possible to set strict filters without compromising internet access in your home?



Clean Router provides your family the flexibility to decide when certain content is permissible in your home through our temporary bypass system. Any time Clean Router blocks a website, this page appears:




For members of your household not privy to the Clean Router password, this will be the end of the road. More informed family members, however, can select a time period, enter the Clean Router password, and click “Temporary Bypass.”


For the amount of time designated, this website is exempt from Clean Router’s restrictions. When time is up, the site is blocked again. Users can request access again, but the password must be re-entered.


What does this mean for your family? Clean Router understands the internet is more than “bad sites” and “good sites.” While some content will never measure up to your family’s media standards, other websites have an appropriate time and place. We’ll let you decide precisely when that time and place is with conveniently and without compromising your online peace of mind.


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To learn more about what Clean Router can do to protect your family, visit our website and check out the Feature Friday section of our blog!

block porn

What’s wrong with cat videos? Check out the newest Clean Router video!

The internet has two big problems: porn and cat videos. What’s wrong with cat videos? Watch our new video below to find out!



Keep cat videos in their place with our Clean Router Proven Process!

Complete the set-up wizard
Name your devices
Enable text and email notifications
Customize time restrictions
Bookmark Settings.CleanRouter.com

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Feature Friday: The Internet, YOUR Way

Internet access can seem binary– either you have the internet in your home, or you don’t. Having the internet in your home can expose your family to online pornography, real and fictional violent content, drug content, suggestive ads, raunchy articles, scams, and other dark aspects of our world. On the other hand, not providing your home with internet access in 2017 deprives them of wholesome and free entertainment, educational opportunities, awareness of current events, social connections, and even paying the bills and banking. What’s a twenty-first century family to do?


Clean Router offers families to engage with the internet wholesomely and productively. Your family’s rules become Clean Router’s rules with dozens of customizable features and filtering options. Best of all, you can adjust and readjust the Clean Router filters at any time, from anywhere! Just log into remote.cleanrouter.com from any computer or download our  Remote Control app for easy on-the-go access!


Your family deserves more options than sleaze or 1950s technology. With Clean Router, you can have the internet YOUR way!


Ready to protect your family online with Clean Router?

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Feature Friday: Torpedoing Torrents

Do you know what a torrent is?


A torrent is a filesharing method normally used for less-than-savory purposes. Think downloading pirated movies or accessing free pornographic content. Many internet filters don’t block them.


Clean Router does.


If you have Clean Router protecting your home, it doesn’t matter if you know what a torrent is. We do, and we have your back. Our developers are constantly looking into the latest threats to your online peace of mind and blocking them from your home. Torrents? Torpedoed. New porn sites? Blacklisted. New way to circumvent a filter? We’re on it!


With Clean Router, you can trust that you have cutting edge filtering for your home– even if it has been years since you purchased your Clean Router. Our regular updates fine-tune the filters and keep your internet speed running faster than ever before.


Let Clean Router torpedo the torrents, block pornography from your home, and provide you with online peace of mind!


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Feature Friday: Why You Should Choose Clean Router

So Clean Router blocks all online pornography, filters every device in your home, provides you with internet activity reports, has customizable features, allows you to remotely log in and change your settings, and allows you to go around the filter when necessary. Is that good? For those new to internet filtering products, it’s hard to appreciate what Clean Router can do without a little comparison shopping. Here are a few things we do that other internet filters do not, and an explanation of why our extra features matter.


1) Clean Router touches EVERY device in your home

The most popular internet filter model is a software that parents download onto a certain number of devices. Some companies charge for each device, others do not. (For the record, we do not charge per device.) We believe that this approach, while better than nothing, fails to ensure that all online pornography is blocked from your home. For example, when (not if!) your teenager has a friend over, the friend will likely have a smart phone in his pocket. Suddenly pornography has a way into your home! Your child or teen may borrow or purchase another device without your knowledge. This would also leave your home and family members vulnerable.


Your home should be a sanctuary and a refuge from smut. We can make that happen. Because our filtering software is programmed into the router, not the device, Clean Router automatically filters any and every device that accesses your internet connection. With Clean Router, you know that accessing online pornography inside your home simply is not possible.


2) Clean Router provides customizable settings

Many filters provide limited options, so you are stuck with a filter that is either overzealous or under protective. If your filter is overzealous, the internet becomes frustrating at best and unusable at worst.

Clean Router allows you to fully customize your settings again and again. If you initially set your filters too low, go in and make them stronger. If your kids have grown enough that your previous filter settings seem excessive, you can reduce them in with just a few clicks!

We even allow you to make exceptions to your filters. If a website that you regularly visit and trust has been blocked, you can easily add it to the White List and enjoy unrestricted access. If there is a website that you use but don’t feel is appropriate for your kids (think Victoria’s Secret or an art website), you can temporarily bypass the filter without compromising your family’s safety. If a website slipped through the filters, just add it to the Black List, and our filters will block it in the future.


3) Clean Router filters in real time

Some internet filters (especially older ones) filter based off of lists. They block the websites and keywords on their lists, and allow everything else.

Clean Router has dynamic filters, which means our software scans each page looking for inappropriate content (with the exception of any website on our user-generated White List). It does not matter if a web page was clean last week– that page will be blocked today if pornographic content since your previous visit. The reverse is true too. If a page previously contained illicit content, but the content was deleted, Clean Router’s filters will allow access.

The internet is a constantly changing place. Filters cannot rely on lists from one or two or five years ago to consistently block all porn from your home. With Clean Router, you can be confident that our filters will examine even the most recent content.


When we were developing Clean Router, we saw a void that needed to be filled. No other internet filtering products provided all the features necessary to provide peace of mind. Your internet filter must touch every device in your home to ensure that pornography does not enter. Filters are notorious for hampering the online experience, so customizable settings are essential to growing families who want to enjoy the internet. Static filters may have worked in the late ’90s, but dynamic filtering systems are the only way to protect your family online.


Protecting families online is a big job, but we are up for the task! Why? Because here at Clean Router, we believe that online peace of mind is not just possible– it’s essential!