Testimonial Tuesday: Deborah A.

Happy Tuesday! On the second day of the work week, we feature a review from one of our customers on our blog. If you are considering protecting your home with Clean Router, know that these are unedited reviews from REAL customers!

This week’s testimonial is from Deborah A. She says:


I love mine! Had it for 3 years. And tech support and customer support are awesome!!!!


Thanks Deborah!


When Clean Router began, our goal was to create an internet filtering system that would touch every device in the home. By using a router-based solution, every computer and mobile device that uses your internet network is automatically protected from online pornography and other family-unfriendly content. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming systems, smart tvs– we have it all covered! And, if you ever have questions about your Clean Router, our support team can’t be beat!


Ready to protect your family with Clean Router?

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Testimonial Tuesday: Crystal C.

Happy Tuesday! On the second day of the week, we feature a review from one of our Clean Router customers. We love hearing what they appreciate about Clean Router!


Today’s review is from Crystal C. She says:


“I love our Clean Router. It’s everything I was hoping for!!”


Our customers are amazed by how simple keeping up with kids online becomes with a Clean Router. Our detailed email reports list every website visited on your home internet network, our device scheduling feature makes it easy to limit screen time, and our IntelliFilter technology blocks all online pornography from your home.



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VR helps autistic young adults with social skills, study finds

Could virtual reality help you prep for the real world? Maybe, says research.


A study published by the University of Texas suggested that virtual reality may help autistic young adults practice and improve their social skills. Researchers at the Dallas campus of the University of Texas developed a virtual reality social training program. These young adults often struggle with navigating certain aspects of the adult world like job interviews, dating, and networking, so the researchers hoped that the program would help users improve their social skills by simulating a social environment.


Eight young adults were invited to participate in the program (ten sessions over five weeks), and their social skills were assessed both before and after the virtual reality experience. The researchers found that the participants’ social skills did improve after completing the program, particularly in facial emotion recognition and theory of mind (the ability to theorize about another’s thoughts and feelings).


While this study has obvious limits (small and homogeneous sample, no control group, etc.), the concept helps us imagine what role virtual reality technology may play in our day to day lives in the future. Far beyond mindless entertainment, VR may help our children and grandchildren practice for job interviews, shoot free throws, and overcome stage fright. While virtual reality is often depicted in science fiction as an escape from the real world, it could also be a way for humans of all ages to prepare to face the real world.


Technology is a tool. With caution and self-discipline, the technology of the present and future can enhance lives and open possibilities. Even as we guard our families, let us not forget to wonder at all the good that is possible.


To read the full study, click here!

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Inexpensive Date Ideas From FamilyShare

A weekly date night is one of the best ways to (re)introduce fun into your relationship. Unfortunately, recreation and entertainment can be really hard on your budget which just might undo those positive effects for your relationship!

So, how do you keep date night fun AND inexpensive? One of the easiest ways to cut date night’s cost is to prepare in advance. The weekend is still a couple days off, so start thinking about date night today, and you will be ready in plenty of time.

Whether you’re a date night rock star, or still working on making weekly date night a habit, you will love these inexpensive date nights from FamilyShare!


Among other ideas, the article suggests…

  • A home massage date
  • A video game competition
  • A bonfire (perfect for this time of year!)
  • Picking fruit at an orchard

To see all 54 ideas, click here!


Has your browser history been deleted?

So you think your browser history has been deleted. You’re not sure what was deleted, or even if anything was deleted. Unfortunately, the only way to see if your browser history has been deleted is to recover the full history and compare.

We all know that nothing on the internet is ever truly gone. However, the point of deleting something is to make it disappear for good… or at least to make it very, very hard to find. So, the best way to protect your family online is to move forward, not backwards. Tighten the parental controls. Put wifi capable devices in public places. Have frank conversations with your children about using technology responsibly.

Having said that, this is the best way to try to recover deleted browser history.


Windows: System Restore

System restore will take your computer back to an earlier date. This will affect your computer’s system files, BUT NOT YOUR COMPUTER’S DATA FILES (meaning that it is not a way to recover pictures/documents/videos saved on your computer).

(Note: The system restore instructions are paraphrased from wikihow.com)

1) Search for “system restore” in your Start menu

2) Follow the options and select the date to which you want your computer to revert.

3) You should be able to read your browsing history as it was on that date.


Mac: Time machine

(Note: The Time Machine instructions are taken from maciverse.com)

On a Mac, you have to enable the Time Machine program and select a back up place to recover your browser history. If you have already done so, you will be able to recover Safari and Firefox browser history on a Mac. Unfortunately, users have had mixed results using any process to recover Chrome browser history.

1) Close Safari/Chrome/Firefox and open Finder

2) Select your user account under Places

3) Open the library folder, then the Safari/Chrome/Firefox folder

4) Open Time Machine and select the date you would like to restore your browser history from

5) Select the history.plist folder and hit Restore

6) When asked if you want to proceed, click Replace

7) You should now be able to open Safari/Chrome/Firefox and view your restored history.


Obviously, monitoring browser history is NOT a practical or foolproof way to ensure your family’s online safety. Make sure your family knows your internet values and house rules. Encourage constant dialogue about internet safety and content. This area is not so different than any other area of parenting; communication and a strong relationship are key. It may seem daunting, but you CAN instill positive media values and internet street smarts in your children.

For more information about protecting your children online, click here!

Feature Friday: A Little Something Extra

Sometimes we just need a little something extra.

Like guacamole on a taco.

Or an extra-long hug.

Or a little extra sleep.

There are also situations when we need a little extra security.

A guardrail on a sharp curve of the road.

A safety net under the tight rope.

A deadbolt on the front door.

A padlock on a bike.

Here at Clean Router, we understand that your family might need a little more security for your family’s internet protection– a little something extra.

For those of you who need the extra peace of mind, we offer the Clean Router Lock Box.

Place the Clean Router and your modem together inside and thread the cables through the hole at the top.

All internet access in your home will be channeled through the filter. You now have that little something extra– peace of mind.

For more information about the Clean Router Lock Box, click here or contact us here.

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Why Mom and Dad Should Work Out

As parents, self care often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Exercise in particular tends to be last priority. After all, it often requires changing clothing, more time away from the family (especially if you have small children), and maybe even a drive to the gym. But, sometimes what is good for Mom and Dad is  great for their kids, and working out is a great example of this principle. Here are just a few reasons why.

More energy

Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep up with your active three year old? Academia has found that exercise is one of the simplest ways to boost your energy level!

Monkey see, monkey do

Remember when they were babies, and they would mimic your facial expressions and your vocal inflections? Remember when they were toddlers, and you had to watch your mouth because they would repeat things at the most inopportune moments? Your kids are still watching you, and if they see you take care of your body, they will follow your example.

Longer lifespan

They say that the best part of being a parent is becoming a grandparent. Whether or not it’s true, wouldn’t you like to live long enough to find out? Being more active now will make your golden years more enjoyable and even give you more of them!

Opportunities for quality time

Exercise does not have to be a solitary activity! Go on a bike ride with your kids, explore the woods on a hike, learn to rock climb. Engaging in an activity together will give you time to reconnect with your kids and have meaningful conversations in a relaxed environment.

Here at Clean Router, we believe in taking care of minds, bodies, and families. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about us and what we can do to keep your family safe online!

6 Ways to Feel Happier Today

If hump day has you feeling blue, try these six tips to make your Wednesday a little brighter!

1) Go for a walk

As anyone who has seen Legally Blonde knows, exercise produces endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! With spring finally here, who wants to be indoors anyway?


2) Do one thing you have been procrastinating

We all have those tasks that have been on every to-do list for months. Just do one of them. It probably won’t take as long as you have anticipated, and you will be shocked how good it feels to get it over with!

3) Disconnect

Intentionally turn off (and walk away from) all electronic devices. Even fifteen minutes will make you feel a little more free.

4) Celebrate

Does the hum-drum everyday routine just feel too blah today? Find a way to make today special! Is it a work or relationship anniversary? Did your daughter ace a test? See you if can plan a small outing (like going to the park) or pick up a small treat.

5) Say thank you

Did you know that today is National Nurses Day? Drop a line to your favorite nurse and thank him or her for their service. If you don’t know any nurses, thank someone who has done you a good turn recently.

6) Plan a vacation

Or a holiday, or a date, or an outing…. Making fun plans will give you something to look forward to, and putting some thought into an upcoming event will prevent last minute scrambling.


The middle of the work week doesn’t have to be dreary! Try a couple of these tips, and finish off this week strong!

twitter tips for teens

A Parent’s Guide to Twitter: Settings

Twitter: it’s just like Facebook, but with a 140 character limit, right?

Yes… and no. As a parent, there are a few differences between Facebook and Twitter that you might want to know about. Let’s walk through the Twitter settings page and talk about the similarities and differences between these two social media giants.

Find Me By Email/Phone Number

This option also exists on Facebook, and, like Facebook, you can also turn either or both options off.

Tweet Location

This allows anyone who views your tweet to also view your location. Facebook also has this feature on individual posts.

If you don’t want your location (or your child’s location) to be public on any of your tweets, just make sure that box is unchecked.

Tweet Media

Under this item, there is a box to check (or to leave unchecked) that says, “Display media that may contain sensitive content.” It’s a nice feature, but unchecking this box doesn’t guarantee a family friendly timeline. Twitter does not determine which posts have “sensitive” (ie potentially offensive) content. Only the poster can flag content as sensitive, whereas on Facebook, anyone can report a post as offensive.

Tweet Privacy

On Facebook, the default privacy setting is that only friends can see your posts, and every friend request must be approved. On Twitter, the default setting is that anyone can see your tweets and follow you (add you as a friend).

The Tweet Privacy section gives you the option to “Protect my tweets.” Checking this box means that your tweets will only be visible to your followers, and potential followers will need your approval. However, if anyone has followed your account before you clicked the box, you will have to block each undesired follower to remove his or her access.

The Rest of the Settings Page

All of the other options are to show/not show certain items like a photo, banner, your full name, email address, etc, on your Twitter page. Just like with anywhere else on the internet, remind your kids that nothing digital is really private.

Twitter is a fun place to share parts of life with others and participate in global coversations. Being educated about internet safety is the best way to have a truly enjoyable online experience with your family. For more tips on keeping your family safe on the internet, check out our blog, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter at @Clean_Router!