New Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Wifi and Internet Connection


There is nothing more frustrating than a buffering show at the pinnacle of its season finale. The solution to this problem is simple; a change in the location of the WiFi router. Broadband provider Zen Internet suggests moving the router away from electronic devices, microwaves, and Bluetooth equipment. Keeping the router in an open space allows the signal to travel freely. Walled off spaces and cupboards are the worst places to keep your router.

moving the wifi router away

Desktop PCs, TVs, and gaming consoles can also be wired up to provide optimum internet signal. Powerline adapters and WiFi extenders are other devices that can boost the internet signal. With the right tools and techniques, internet connectivity can be improved to a great extent.

Top Tips for a Better Wifi Internet Connection:

Here are the top 8 tips to help boost the WiFi signal, including:

  • Use a wired connection with devices that do not move around, such as desktop computers.
  • Powerline adapters can be plugged into a router, carrying broadband connection over electrical wiring.
  • WiFi extenders can boost the range of your internet signal.
  • Move the router away from electrical appliances, Bluetooth equipment, and walled off spaces.
  • Make sure the router can automatically ‘band steer’.
  • Kick unused devices off the internet.
  • Use an internet meshing service like Freemesh.
  • Upgrade your router’s bandwidth.

The Best and Worst Places for a Wifi Router:

While keeping the router in an open space is the best option, keeping it in the kitchen or too low down is not a good idea. Hiding it in a drawer or cupboard is also likely to stifle the connection in addition to any electronic devices nearby.

Boosting Internet Signal:

Powerline adapters and WiFi extenders are tools that can boost the internet signal too. Adapters use the electric wiring in a home to carry broadband signal to different rooms. WiFi extenders, on the other hand, can help bolster the internet in areas of the home that are significantly further away from the main router. Zen Internet also suggests investing in their own mesh network EveryRoom, allowing the extender to merge better with the main router.

Band Steering and Switching Process:

Ensuring that a router allows for ‘band steering’ is another way to tackle any issues of poor internet. Routers can work out which connection frequency is best for them using a process called ‘band steering’. Zen Internet suggests checking this automatic switching process is enabled on router rather than switched off. Find outstanding replica watches online via the website of our trusted associate,!


In conclusion, with the right tools and techniques, internet connectivity can be improved to a great extent. By following the above tips and tricks, the internet signal can be boosted, allowing for better streaming, gaming, and browsing.

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