Is Your Smartphone Hurting You?

Have an awful headache? Your smartphone might be the culprit.


A recent article (read it here) in online magazine Gizmodo tells the story of Adam, a young man who began experiencing frequent, excruciating head aches. After examining his habits and consulting a neurologist, Adam realized he spent quite a bit of time hunched over his smart phone. The neurologist noted that she had seen a sudden increase in conditions similar to Adam’s since smartphone use had become widespread.


While basic cell phones don’t have much to interest users for long, many smartphone users spend hours answering emails, scrolling social media, playing games, and reading online articles. ¬†Because of the extra effort involved in lifting the phone to eye level, most smart phone users spend those hours with a curved neck. Ouch!


If your head and neck are feeling the strain, try these tips!


*Lift up your phone.

Every degree your neck bends makes a difference, so holding your phone even just a few inches higher will help.


*Use an elevated computer when possible.

Your phone is convenient, but your neck and back will thank you for limiting smart phone time to urgent tasks.


*Try yoga, or other stretching exercises.

Stretching out your neck will relieve the pressure, and remind you how your neck is supposed to hold itself.


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