Daily Email Reports From Clean Router! How To Protect Your Family On The Internet


We talk a lot about protecting yourself and your family on the internet. Clean Router is one of our products that helps you stay safe online, away from all the harm on the internet. While Clean Router has a lot of different features missioned to protect you, we’ll look into one of them that stands out the most.

Clean Router’s Email Reporting

This is one of the favorite feature of Clean Router that we personally like and vouch for. Email reports is one of the many features of Clean Router. This is a super cool concept that comes into action every single day for you.

Features of Clean Router
Clean Router features

So every day, you will get an email from Clean Router that shows you the monitored info of all your devices from the last day. So this will include what all devices used your internet, which all websites these devices visited, and how many times they did.

Clean Router – Email Report Structure

The report will be attached inside the mail. The first page of the report includes the date of the report. Ok, I know that’s not of great importance here.

Clean router email report
Clean Router email report

Moving on, scrolling down to the second page will show you the list of devices that used your internet the past day. It will also include the number of different website it visited. Plus, the amount of times these devices were blocked by Clean Router when trying to visit a certain website. Clean Router will automatically block activities if the device exceeds Clean Router’s Time Restrictions.

Clean Router email report
Clean Router email report

Scrolling down to the third page, you’ll find the list of websites each of your devices visited. This will also contain the number of times these devices visited for each website, which is pretty neat.

Clean Router email report
Clean Router email report

This is something that’s super important if you have kids in your home that you want to protect. Unlike the sample pictures shown above, the list will be, of course, longer or shorter depending on the number of devices connected to Clean Router.

Winding Up…

Email reports make monitoring easy for you. So rather than going through the activity history of each of your device in your home, Clean Router makes it easier for you in a single report, delivered right to your inbox every morning.

The devices you can monitor can be anything, including but not limited to TVs, game consoles, phones, tablets, PC, etc.

And for us, personally, this is one of our favorite features that we take great pride in. It’s really simple and it complies all the information into a single easy-to-digest email report.

So if this is something that interests you and you want to get your family protected, definitely check out Clean Router.

If you do have any questions about Clean Router, feel free to let us know in the comments below this article or on our YouTube channel and we’ll make sure to address them.

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