The Belly Itch Blog Reviews Clean Router!

The Belly Itch Blog has reviewed Clean Router! Here are our favorite parts of the review:


“I have a few kids who are literally addicted to internet and an online gaming. This means, there is a struggle in my household to get them to focus on academics during the school week (and weekend); and I have to worry about them bumping into the bevvy of inappropriate, violent and sexually explicit content on the Internet.”


“Because the router blocks the content, kids can’t try to circumvent the content filer. Sweet! Another plus to a hardware-based system. And the reports are easy to understand to see what sites your kids tried to access but was blocked.”


“Also, there is NO limit for devices for Clean router where other services usually have a cap of 10. In large households and ones where each kid has 2 to 3 devices each, Clean Router’s unlimited option comes out on top once again.”


“Clean Router turns out to be a pretty good investment and worthwhile product to overwhelmed and hurried parents who move way slower than the technology the kids rely on in this day and age.”


With kids and devices becoming more inseparably connected every day, parents love Clean Router’s hardware based solution to online pornography and adult content. We recognize that most families have multiple devices (and sometimes multiple devices per person), so Clean Router will cover EVERY device in your home at no additional cost!


To read the full review, click here! Please note that the pricing information in this review is out of date. To view our current pricing models at any time, click here!


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Geek News Features Clean Router!

Do you have a tech-loving geek side? Check out this Clean Router review at Geek News! They love our easy set up, content filtering and safe search, time scheduling, and activity reports. Check out an excerpt of the review below!


“The internet can be a dark and scary place, and keeping your kids (husbands, roommates or employees) safe from those dark recesses can be a daunting task. While there are plenty of options out there, it is often best to take a multi-pronged approach when it comes to security and monitoring your internet usage. This generally means using both software and hardware based solutions. This past few days we’ve been testing one of the newer options available on the market, the Clean Router.


The Clean Router offers users a multi-dimensional approach to internet filtering. It uses traditional networking hardware, coupled with customized firmware and back-boned with live support, frequent updates and real-time monitoring. All this is setup [is] to allow users/parents to filter and manage everything connected to their home WiFi.


For someone looking for a great parental control option that adds a couple layers of security and convenience the Clean Router definitely works well and definitely does what it promises. Just about anyone can setup it in just a few clicks, and since most things that most people want to block are set by default, you’ll be up and running in no time. And since your subscription service does most all of the work for you, you can pretty much set it and forget it.”


You can read the full review here at Geek News!


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“Darlin’ Deals” reviews Clean Router!

The bargain blog “Darlin’ Deals” has reviewed Clean Router! Here are our favorite parts of the review:


“There are some parenting mistakes that you don’t get a second chance with. One of those things is protecting their innocence. Things that are seen can never be unseen. So now that my kids are growing out of the throwing peas off the ledge of the highchair stage and moving into the realm of technological entertainment I have begun to research ways to ensure my children are protected from the multitude of inappropriate content that the internet seems to shove in our face daily.”


“The feature that sets it apart from a typical router is the software loaded on it that can be customized to block specific types of websites! In addition to blocking sites it [Clean Router] also has personalized options that will include a Daily Email Report showing the previous day’s internet usage history.”


“I highly recommend purchasing this product if you have children, teens, or young adults in your home. Even though us mommas love to tease that we have eyes in the back of our heads and can see everything, we all know that our ability to watch every move our child makes is limited. So why risk the split second it takes for a child to sneak away and type a few words that they heard from the older kids on the playground into a search engine and forever remember an image of something intended for adult viewing only?”


Thanks, Darlin’ Deals! Readers, you can see the whole review by clicking here!


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Charlotte Area News Praises Clean Router!

Charlotte Area News has featured Clean Router! Here are our favorite sections of the article:


“Computers and smartphones are no longer the only devices in a home that can connect to the Internet. Game consoles, music players and appliances that are part of the Internet of Things all have web browsers and can give a child access to online content parents would prefer they were not viewing. While software and apps can block these sites on traditional devices, only Clean Router can protect every device in a home without slowing browsing and download speeds.”


“Clean Router is easy to use. It plugs into any modem, providing clean browsing via any Internet-enabled device that connects to the WiFi network. Parents can customize a list of keywords and phrases that the router will blacklist or greylist in addition to an existing list of content that is blocked by default. Clean Router uses IntelliFilterTM, an exclusive multilevel search technology, to continuously block unwanted content. From web addresses with specific words to images and video files tagged with words that have been red flagged, Clean Router works with every device and every operating system. And, it eliminates the possibility for a wily child to circumvent filters.”


“As an additional feature, Clean Router allows parents to set time-of-day restrictions by device so children cannot go online whenever they please. This feature was designed to promote family time and unplugged fun without kids complaining that their Internet time was cut short by a parent unfairly. Parents can also opt to receive a regular report about what their children are searching for online to help them stay in-touch with their children’s interest and lives when conversations seem one-ended and questions are only answered with ‘fine’.”


Thanks, Charlotte Area News!


Readers, you can see the full review by clicking here. Please note, though, that the pricing information listed in the reviews is now out of date. Our up-to-date plans and options are available here on our website!


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Clean Router Mesh – Technical Details

Clean Router is excited to announce the release of our Mesh add-on!  Matched with the Clean Routers, the Mesh nodes make the perfect add-on to blanket your home in wireless internet.  This extends the filtering that you have come to love simply and without wires.

Clean Router Mesh Nodes

Clean Router Mesh Nodes are an easy and cost-effective way for Clean Router customers to extend their wireless signal to cover a larger area in and outside their homes. It comes with the following advantages:

  • Easy to setup
  • Inexpensive
  • Supports Multiple Nodes
  • Supported by our talented technical staff

The Clean Router Mesh are specially designed to work with your Clean Router.  They are only designed to work with the Clean Router system.

The single-router model just doesn’t cut it

In many homes today single router wifi isn’t good enough anymore. The signal simply can not penetrate walls and other obstacles in a home. The result? Sections of a home with weak or no wireless signal.

Wireless Signal w/just a single router

The new mesh model

With Clean Router and 2 Mesh Nodes most homes will experience a clean and strong wireless signal throughout. No more dead zones! No more complaints about weak wireless signal!

Wireless Signal w/Mesh

How does it work?

As we begin to roll out the Clean Router mesh nodes, there might be some questions about how this works.  This article is for you “techies” or “nerds”.  If you don’t care about how it works, and just want awesome wifi in your house, click here to go and get your nodes now!

Can I plug Ethernet devices into the Clean Router Mesh nodes?  Yes!  The mesh nodes act as a switch and will allow you to plug multiple devices into the network via the 4 LAN Ethernet ports.  Have an entertainment center that is tough to get networked? Drop a node there and you can hook up the smart TV, game console, and Cable box.  Voila!

What are you waiting for?  Go buy your Clean Router Mesh nodes!!  The Clean Router Mesh nodes are a great, simple, fast way to extend your network and blanket your home in fast wireless.  And for $129 it is a price that you simply can’t beat!

Grab yours today!

“The Spruce” Reviews Clean Router!

The Spruce, a home and family living blog, has reviewed Clean Router! The author of the review has been using Clean Router for years. His favorite aspects of Clean Router are the speed, the easy set-up, and the customizable filters. Read some excerpts from the review below!


“The Clean Router Wireless Router is an amazing tool for families interested in filtering web content and managing web access in their home to any wireless device. The system is cost-effective, extremely full-featured and very fast. With a wide range of options for any family, this filtered wireless router is a great addition to a home where there are a number of wired and wireless devices accessing the internet.”


“Its performance has been quite amazing. Setting up the router out of the box was really easy and very intuitive.  It is a pretty simple matter to connect your devices via Ethernet or wirelessly and get started.  Ours was up and operating in about 10 minutes.”


“Our experience has been nearly flawless and I recommend Clean Router to any family who wants to take control of the internet experience for their family on any wired or wireless devices you use.”


You can read the full review at The Spruce here. If you visit The Spruce, please note that the pricing information mentioned is out of date. To view Clean Router’s pricing models, click here!


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“Sojourners and Strangers” Reviews Clean Router!

‘”Sojourners and Strangers,” a Christian blog, has reviewed Clean Router and highlighted some of the things our customers love about Clean Router! Please note that this review refers to Clean Router by our former name, Pandora’s Hope. Check out the review below!


“Protecting my family, those in my home, and even myself from the destructive influences of pornography is a high priority for us. The damage pornography inflicts on those involved in its production those who consume it have been well-documented, even by those without the specific agenda of fighting it for moral reasons, such as sociologists and psychologists. Increased pornography consumption continues to be associated with increases in unhealthy anger and tension, abuse, and other forms of violence…

At this time, Pandora’s Hope [Clean Router] is the best solution I have found to keeping unwanted content out of our home and our lives. Unlike stock ‘parental controls’ featured on other wireless routers, this one actually works. It can be very thoroughly customized, works very well without slowing down internet, and is the most affordable blocking solution I’ve found. We love the idea that everyone who visits or stays in our home is protected with no additional cost or software needed. Basically, I have no complaints whatsoever. This gives us exactly what we wanted and needed. I highly recommend the Pandora’s Hope [Clean Router] Pro router, and I have no reason to believe that the base model would be any worse for most households.”


You can read the full review by clicking here! Keep in mind that the pricing information mentioned in the review is out of date. To check out our current pricing model, click here!


With Clean Router, having online peace of mind doesn’t mean sacrificing your internet speed, your budget, or your time. Our routers use the best technology to enhance your current internet speed, and set up is as easy as plugging in the router. As for pricing, the basic Clean Router is FREE, with a small monthly charge to ensure your home or church’s online protection never becomes obsolete. It’s no wonder our customers love Clean Router!


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A Clean Router Review From a Router Reviewer!

How does the Clean Router stack up against other wireless routers? Wireless Router Reviews, a blog that specializes in testing internet routers, wanted to find out. They were blown away by how our Clean Router stands out among its peers.


“At this time, with the CLEAN ROUTER PRO – The Wireless 802.11ac (WiFi) Router that automatically blocks Internet Porn. , you are gurantee that you have made a greater option. I appreciated it so much that I made a decision to share my research findings with you.. The Clean Router easily connects into your existing Modem/ISP, and provides access to safe and filtered wireless internet.. [and] blocks pornography on virtually any device, browser and operating system connected to it.. If you truly want value for your cash, then you will extremely appreciate this product.”


Thank you, Wireless Router Reviews! Readers, you can check out the full review here. Please note, though, that the pricing mentioned in the review is out of date. You can review our current pricing models at any time by clicking here!


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Rich Kirkpatrick, Christian blogger, reviews Clean Router!

This review is another old one– you may notice that Rich refers to Clean Router by its former name, Pandora’s Hope. We love this review’s emphasis on Clean Router’s speed and flexibility!


“I noticed actually an increase in speed, as the router is newer than the one provided by Verizon FIOS and faster. It clearly worked and immediately began blocking some questionable sites and ads. The women in the house like Pinterest, and noticed some pictures blocked. These happened to be ads linked to Pinterest pins, which actually made the experience of Pinterest more valuable as they perused the site. I had to unblock a couple sites I use, such as Twitter. The filtering settings allow a Blacklist, but also Graylists and Whitelists. You can add and delete sites as well as add your own key words.”


“My conclusion is that I am a fan of Pandora’s Hope and recommend this type of approach for content filtering. If you have a small office, I can see this as a way to help focus you and your employees. As a parent, I know that our house is a safe place for us and whoever visits–that goes for us parents, too.”


You can read the full review here. If you choose to read the full review, keep in mind that the pricing information is out of date. You can view our current pricing model here.


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Character Tech’s Clean Router Review!

This Character Tech review is an “oldie but a goodie.” We love their examples of how Clean Router is great for homes and other establishments!


“The Clean Router automatically blocks pornography and other harmful material from ever reaching your computer screen or any other wireless device (such as a tablet, iPad, game console, streaming media player, or smartphone) connected to your home’s WiFi Network.

The Clean Router is not software-based protection, but rather provides router-based protection which means that there is no software to install on each device, no files that users can manipulate, and no creative ways to fool the program to allow a user past the blocking. This tool is essential for libraries, schools, churches and homes where children have access to the Internet, but no limitations on what they can see. With the Clean Router, children can be kept from inappropriate sites, and employees can be prevented from wasting valuable company time by visiting sites that have no relation to the work they do. The real benefit, however, is that, with the Clean Router, everyone can safely use the Internet.”


You can read the full review here. The pricing model the review mentions is out of date, but you  can view our current subscription and router costs here.


Thanks, Character Tech!


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