Feature Friday: Goodbye ads!






Flashing, moving, talking, jingling… They are all over the internet.


Aren’t you tired of all the ads?


Some of them are just annoying. Their little tunes get stuck in your head, and the same catch phrases pop up everywhere.


But some of them are suggestive or even horribly sexually explicit. Like “Did I accidentally stumble onto a porn site?” explicit. What good does it do to block inappropriate websites if sensual or sexual ads pop up on the side of your perfectly innocent media?


Online peace of mind is not deserved without protecting your family from ALL inappropriate content, no matter where it appears. That’s why Clean Router combines our IntelliFilter with a really great ad blocker to keep annoying and inappropriate ads off your computer.


As an added bonus, replacing ads with our Clean Router logo may even  speed up your internet! Some of our users report that websites, especially those with lots of ad content, load faster with Clean Router.


Online peace of mind AND faster internet? Who can say no to that?


Click here to learn more about how Clean Router can protect your family on the internet.



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