For the Arizona folks

Hey Arizona folks!


Do you have your tickets for the second Families Fighting Pornography Conference? The theme is “Building Strong Families,” and it’s happening at the Phoenix/Mesa Hilton this Saturday, September 12. Tickets have just been lowered to $10 apiece.


This awesome conference sponsored by the Arizona Family Council will feature topics such as:

“The Path Less Traveled: First Steps Towards Recovery”

“How to Talk to your Teen About Pornography”

“Betrayal Trauma in Marriage”

“Porn’s Rewiring the Brain of an Entire Generation and What You Can Do About It”

“Setting Boundaries With Social Media”

And much, much more!


Additionally, this conference comes with the opportunity to sign up for a one on one session with a tech expert to learn about internet safety. So, don’t forget your phone, tablet, computer, or device of your choice!


Click here to learn more and to buy your tickets.


See you on Saturday!


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