Feature Friday: CleanYouTube and Clean Router Come Together!


Hey Clean Router family, have we got news for you!


Ever since the beginning of Clean Router, we have been looking for a way to clean up YouTube. As you know, the temporary solution has been to force YouTube to use their safe search function. This eliminates almost all content, including much of the innocent mainstream content that the average user enjoys on YouTube. We are excited to announce that Clean Router users now have a way to safely enjoy the best of YouTube and avoid the worst.


First, visit if you are home and on your Clean Router network. If you are away from home, you can go to instead. Log in with your administrator password.


Under “Filter Info,” on the left side of the page, there’s a new menu item: “CleanYouTube”. On this page, you will have FOUR options to choose from when deciding the access your family will have to YouTube and CleanYouTube.


The first option allows you to route all YouTube traffic to CleanYouTube. If you haven’t tried CleanYouTube yet, we highly encourage you to hop over to and check it out! This new Clean Router product is still in beta testing, so please let us know if you find any errors or bugs. Unlike the YouTube safe search, CleanYouTube provides similar filtering to the Clean Router, so all family friendly content will be accessible.


The second option is a CleanYouTube Strict Search. While most users find CleanYouTube’s filtering level adequate for their needs, some users may want even stricter filtering. These users may select this feature with or without routing all YouTube traffic through CleanYouTube.


The third CleanYouTube option blocks all videos newer than three days. This gives our system time to flag any inappropriate videos and provides your family with an additional layer of protection.


The last option is the one we are all familiar with– to force YouTube to work in safe search mode. If this option is working for your family, feel free to keep using it. We still strongly encourage you to check out CleanYouTube, because we believe it will improve your online experience.


That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more exciting new developments including a Clean Router Remote Control app, a CleanYouTube app, and a Clean browser– all coming soon!

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