Twitter For Web Will Now Stay On Your Preferred Timeline


Twitter For Web Timeline Update:

Twitter should now be less annoying about pushing its “For You” algorithmic timeline. The company announced that the web version will now remember which timeline you were using last and default to it when you open it again. The feature should also be coming to iOS and Android soon.

The update brings back functionality that existed before the tab UI was introduced — there used to be a button that let you choose which version of the timeline you wanted to see. If you’re the type of person who occasionally pops over to For You from Following or vice versa, the new version with the ability to remember which tab you left off on should make that easier. This change probably won’t do much to appease users who would rather just set it and forget it, though.

In tests, Twitter successfully brought back to the Following timeline after closing the tab but wouldn’t default to one of the pinned lists, something that Elon Musk said should work when he announced this feature last week. It’s possible that behavior is just a bug, though, as it’ll show the list as a selected tab for a moment before switching to the Following one.


If the algorithmic timeline isn’t for you, this latest Twitter update should be a relief.

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