Tech-Savvy Kids Outsmarting Controls? Discover the best Parental Controls

Today, we’re diving into one of the most surprising reports we’ve encountered recently. A recent article by The Wall Street Journal revealed that tech-savvy kids have been outsmarting Apple’s and other companies’ parental control features.

As experts in parental controls, we were compelled to respond to this revelation. Despite the sophisticated parental controls developed by Apple, Google, and others, clever kids are finding ways to bypass them. This raises a critical question: what’s the point of parental controls if they don’t work as intended?

Given our daily work with parental control technology, we understand what truly protects your family.

The Smart Solution

This challenge is precisely why we created CleanRouter, one of the most effective tools to keep your kids safe online. With CleanRouter, you bypass the complexities of individual device controls from Apple or Google. Instead, CleanRouter connects directly to your internet source.

Once connected, CleanRouter allows you to monitor and manage every device that accesses your Wi-Fi. You can see which apps or websites are being used, for how long, and all the other details you need to know about your family’s internet usage.

For instance, if you want to restrict access to a specific app like TikTok during certain hours, CleanRouter’s Time Restrictions feature lets you block it easily. You can disable internet access during specified times or block specific websites and apps to ensure your family’s safety.

We’ve invested considerable time in developing this robust technology, making it virtually impossible for kids to circumvent it.

Introducing CleanPhone

In addition to CleanRouter, we offer CleanPhone, which extends these parental controls to the device level. CleanPhone provides comprehensive parental controls without needing Wi-Fi. You can manage apps, monitor calls and messages, set usage limits, and receive screen time reports directly from the phone.

Why Choose CleanRouter and CleanPhone?

CleanRouter and CleanPhone deliver extensive parental control capabilities to families nationwide. We believe these tools are essential for every household. To learn more, visit our website and take advantage of our limited Christmas sale on CleanRouter and CleanPhone.

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