Recovery Resources For Pornography Addiction

Are you or someone you love working to recover from a pornography addiction? Check out these free online resources!


1) Your Brain On Porn

Your Brain On Porn is a forum that focuses on research regarding internet pornography addiction and anecdotes from individuals who struggle or have struggled with porn. It is secular, not faith based, so not all content may not promote values such as abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage. However, Your Brain On Porn does completely refraining from all pornographic content: visual, audio, and written. The website includes many personal accounts that contain some profanity and discusses sexual mechanics openly, so this is a resource best for mature readers.


Pros: Tips for those trying to quit, motivational content, research

Cons: Some profanity, may not coincide with all personal values


2) NoFap

NoFap is an online community that promotes complete abstinence from pornography use and masturbation. “Fapstronauts” share personal success stories and cheer each other on as they work to accomplish the goal of being porn-free. The community assigns accountability partners and provides members with counters to number porn-free days and badges upon meeting goals.

Pros: 24/7 online support, accountability partner

Cons: Some profanity, may not share all personal values


3) Overcoming Pornography

Overcoming Pornography is a site hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for those struggling with pornography and their loved ones. This resource primarily provides Christ-centered spiritual support but also contains practical tips and recordings of pornograpy recovery addiction meetings available to download at no cost.

Pros: Spiritual support, recovery meeting recordings, help for individuals and families, content appropriate for all ages

Cons: May not be a good fit for non-religious readers


4) Fight the New Drug

A non-profit organization that focuses on education and social awareness, Fight the New Drug provides a collection of research and personal accounts detailing the personal, familial, and societal dangers of pornography. The organization does have a porn recovery handbook, “Fortify,” for sale on their website for $15, but the site content alone provides plenty of reasons to quit the porn.

Pros: Research based, extensive content

Cons: Some mature content in personal accounts


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