When Will We Learn That Nothing Digital is Really Private?

Did you know that Google has access to every picture you take on your Android phone?


A couple of years ago, some Android/Google users were surprised to receive Google’s version of Facebook’s “Year in Review” slideshow. However, Facebook’s slideshow only used pictures and videos users had purposefully uploaded to Facebook. Google’s slideshow included images that users had never sent to anyone or uploaded everywhere.


Along with the Ashley Madison leak and the theft of celebrity pictures from the iCloud, the Google slideshow is just another reminder that nothing we capture or record digitally is ever really private or destructible.


Patheos, a religious/spiritual blogosphere, recently posted an article about our culture’s naivete about online privacy. As the author points out, many believe internet privacy is obtainable simply copying a Facebook status or adjusting social media settings.


The leaks will continue. Individuals will continue to suffer embarassment, exposure, and loss of opportunites. Your children will be among them if we do not teach our families to never record, share, or send anything they wouldn’t want the whole world to see.


It’s no exaggeration to say that the whole world– potential employers, family members, deans of admission, identity thieves, and more– really are watching.


To read the original article at Patheos, click here!



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