Feature Friday: Why You Should Choose Clean Router


So Clean Router blocks all online pornography, filters every device in your home, provides you with internet activity reports, has customizable features, allows you to remotely log in and change your settings, and allows you to go around the filter when necessary. Is that good? For those new to internet filtering products, it’s hard to appreciate what Clean Router can do without a little comparison shopping. Here are a few things we do that other internet filters do not, and an explanation of why our extra features matter.


1) Clean Router touches EVERY device in your home

The most popular internet filter model is a software that parents download onto a certain number of devices. Some companies charge for each device, others do not. (For the record, we do not charge per device.) We believe that this approach, while better than nothing, fails to ensure that all online pornography is blocked from your home. For example, when (not if!) your teenager has a friend over, the friend will likely have a smart phone in his pocket. Suddenly pornography has a way into your home! Your child or teen may borrow or purchase another device without your knowledge. This would also leave your home and family members vulnerable.


Your home should be a sanctuary and a refuge from smut. We can make that happen. Because our filtering software is programmed into the router, not the device, Clean Router automatically filters any and every device that accesses your internet connection. With Clean Router, you know that accessing online pornography inside your home simply is not possible.


2) Clean Router provides customizable settings

Many filters provide limited options, so you are stuck with a filter that is either overzealous or under protective. If your filter is overzealous, the internet becomes frustrating at best and unusable at worst.

Clean Router allows you to fully customize your settings again and again. If you initially set your filters too low, go in and make them stronger. If your kids have grown enough that your previous filter settings seem excessive, you can reduce them in with just a few clicks!

We even allow you to make exceptions to your filters. If a website that you regularly visit and trust has been blocked, you can easily add it to the White List and enjoy unrestricted access. If there is a website that you use but don’t feel is appropriate for your kids (think Victoria’s Secret or an art website), you can temporarily bypass the filter without compromising your family’s safety. If a website slipped through the filters, just add it to the Black List, and our filters will block it in the future.


3) Clean Router filters in real time

Some internet filters (especially older ones) filter based off of lists. They block the websites and keywords on their lists, and allow everything else.

Clean Router has dynamic filters, which means our software scans each page looking for inappropriate content (with the exception of any website on our user-generated White List). It does not matter if a web page was clean last week– that page will be blocked today if pornographic content since your previous visit. The reverse is true too. If a page previously contained illicit content, but the content was deleted, Clean Router’s filters will allow access.

The internet is a constantly changing place. Filters cannot rely on lists from one or two or five years ago to consistently block all porn from your home. With Clean Router, you can be confident that our filters will examine even the most recent content.


When we were developing Clean Router, we saw a void that needed to be filled. No other internet filtering products provided all the features necessary to provide peace of mind. Your internet filter must touch every device in your home to ensure that pornography does not enter. Filters are notorious for hampering the online experience, so customizable settings are essential to growing families who want to enjoy the internet. Static filters may have worked in the late ’90s, but dynamic filtering systems are the only way to protect your family online.


Protecting families online is a big job, but we are up for the task! Why? Because here at Clean Router, we believe that online peace of mind is not just possible– it’s essential!


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