Feature Friday: Slow? Not Us!

It’s quite possible that the only thing worse than dangerous, unfiltered internet is a filter that slows your internet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down.

Just kidding! (Maybe)

But seriously, who wants an internet filter that drags down your speed? Not us!

At Clean Router, we believe an internet filter should make your online experience less frustrating and more enjoyable. So, we created an internet filter system that WILL NOT SLOW DOWN YOUR INTERNET.

(It was a lot of work.)

Don’t believe us? Here’s how we did it…..

As you might know, the Clean Router is entirely contained within the router. Other filters communicate with a remote server or service. Picture the filter as a kid who wants to play at a friend’s house. The kid has leave his friend, run back to the house, ask his mom, and run back to his friend before they can go play.

On the other hand, your Clean Router is all grown up and makes its own decisions. By putting the filter in the router, we gave your Clean Router the ability to make judgement calls right there and eliminated the need to communicate with an external device. This allows the router to put all its speed towards your internet content.

And there’s more! We can’t guarantee this, but some of our users have even reported that their internet speeds have INCREASED. This is probably because Clean Router blocks a lot of ad content automatically, which allows the page to load faster.

Clean, worry-free internet and faster too?

We’re sold, and we know you will be too!

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