Testimonial Tuesday: Tiffany S.

Happy Tuesday! On the second day of the week, we feature a review from one of our Clean Router customers. We love hearing what they appreciate about Clean Router!


This week’s testimonial is from Tiffany S. She says:


“Our family has been using your router for a few years and loves it!”


Clean Router has the ultimate parental controls, with dozens of adjustable settings to give customers exactly the level of internet accessibility they want in their homes. Parents especially love the time restrictions, which allow them to put their kids’ internet usage on a schedule and enforce internet bedtimes and screen-free zones! The most family-friendly aspect of Clean Router, though, is that users can re-adjust their settings at any time, from anywhere. Clean Router will grow up with your kids and adapt to your family’s changing needs!


What do you love about your Clean Router? Comment below!


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