Testimonial Tuesday: Jean H.

On the second day of each week, we feature a review from one of our passionate Clean Router customers. This week, Jean H. has agreed to share her story.


“I originally purchased Clean Router (Pandora’s Hope) when I had a son and daughter in high school and my husband had had his first stroke which affected his thought processes. He was unable to make good decisions and inadvertently ended up on a bad site.

After accusing my son and showing him what was on the screen my son started to look at porn sites – he learned a way around the filter. However, because Clean Router keeps a history of sites visited (and I could even contact the company and find out if any questionable sites had been visited), I was able to personally check out each site.

When I confronted my son he admitted to figuring out a way to get around the filter (use tumblr and any girl’s name). Then I told him that at the end of every week I was going to visit each site he had visited WITH HIM and explain why it was destructive to families and why girlfriends and wives are hurt when their boyfriend/husband looked at pornography. That was it. It broke him of looking at anything completely because he had no intention of looking at pornography with his MOM!

I love that the history is kept and I love being able to blacklist or whitelist a site. The filter meant that my husband no longer accidentally stumbled upon objectionable sites.

I love that the filter filters all devices that use my wi-fi! It makes everyone stop and think about whether they really need to go to a particular site because they have to come to me to bypass the router.

I also love that the cost is so little per year because the company’s goal is to get as many households protected as possible, not to make a killing selling their product.

Every time I have had to contact the company, which I did a lot in the beginning, I received top-notch service. I cannot say enough good about this company! They will continue to have my utmost support!”


We love to hear how Clean Router protects families and opens a dialogue between parents and children about online pornography. Thank you, Jean!


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