Testimonial Tuesday: Cristobal G.

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday! On the second day of each week, we share with you why our customers love Clean Router.

This week’s rave review is from Cristobal G. He says:


“The product is superb and really does a great job filtering a lot of the filth the Internet has spawned. It’s very configurable and has plenty of options for the more tech savvy parents, but it also is essentially plug and play for those who just want to get things done with.

I did run into a few issues at first, but the amazing guys at the customer service line answered all my questions and helped me through the issues. Which is also another winning point; Having US-based support.

Being able to set time restrictions for my little ones has helped a lot. I used to have to turn the Internet off until they fell asleep, but with this I was able to turn off the Internet for just those devices.

One things others have mentioned was the subscription fee. The way I see it, I rather see a device that is constantly being developed and supported and have to pay a fast-food-meal amount per month than buy a router that has no support and gets updated once a year with ZERO filtering. I’m sure you’ve all seen what goes around in the Internet..Its constantly evolving and the garbage piles up..You really want to possibly expose your family to that?”


Thanks Cristobal!


What do you love about your Clean Router? Comment below!

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