How (and why) to create an unassailable password

Here at Clean Router, we have spared no effort to bring you the most secure and convenient internet filtering possible. Intellifilter technology, customizable settings, universal compatibility– it’s all there.

But, once we ship the Clean Router off to you, the ball’s in your court. Of course our support team will be happy to help with any questions or concerns. But adjusting the filters, reading the daily email reports– only YOU can do that. And there’s one thing YOU, and only YOU, can do to exponentially increase the internet safety at your house: creating and protecting your password.

Now, this isn’t your Wi-Fi password. Feel free to distribute that password as far and wide as you please (unless the neighbors will mooch off your internet). We’re talking about your administrator password to the your Clean Router account. This is the password that allows you to adjust the filter settings and to visit blocked websites. The administrator password is the key to your whole internet security system.

The secret to a solid password-protected account is two-fold. First, you need to create a really strong password. Preferably, your password will be a seemingly random combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. But, of course, if that combination is too random, you will forget your password or feel the need to write it down somewhere. Both forgetting the password and writing it down can compromise the security of your account. So, create a password that is a seemingly random (but not to you) combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. We discourage the use of family member’s names, birth dates, wedding anniversaries– basically anything that is “on the record” somewhere. Some alternatives could be….

  • The day you and your spouse met/became an “item”/got engaged
  • A favorite book/movie/tv show
  • An inside joke
  • A family motto
  • A favorite celebrity
  • An old friend’s name

The possibilities are endless. Just be creative!

Once you have an especially secure password, realize that no password is fool-proof. If you believe there is a likelihood of someone (like a child) trying to hack your account, you should change the administrator password periodically and if you think the settings have been changed.

So, set up Clean Router, adjust your settings, create a fantastic password, and enjoy online peace of mind.

To learn more about how Clean Router can protect your family online, click here!


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