Every Parent Should See This!

It’s a message that would horrify virtually every mother.

“Your child is in danger!”

It may not be a message that every mother is ready to hear but it is the truth. We live in a crazy, scary, and dangerous world. Your child is in danger. Here are just a few dangers that our children face on a regular basis:

  • Bullied at school
  • Pressured into doing things they know are wrong
  • Exposed to bad images
  • Becoming Addicted to Pornography
  • Becoming curious about what lurks in the dark corners of the internet

Mama Bear

Have you ever had the privilege of seeing mama bear come out of a woman in defense of her children? It’s been a humbling and gratifying experience every time I’ve seen it. I’m humbled by the power, instincts, and decisiveness of women as they do what ever is necessary to protect. I’m also grateful for it. On more than one occasion I have been a recipient of such protection.

Dad’s You Certainly Aren’t Off the Hook

Just because I’ve been focusing on moms doesn’t mean that I’m suggesting that it is entirely their responsibility to protect. In fact, some might suggest (including me) that protecting children from danger should be more the responsibility of the father. I’ve only been focusing on mothers because they are so good at it!

Fathers and Mothers Should Unite in Protecting Children

Your child may not send you a message like this. But he may want to. We are calling on all parents to unite in providing adequate protection for their children.
Mama and Papa Bears are necessary in the world we live in to safely guide children through these tender years.

The Top 3 Dangers Our Kids Face Every Day

Every kid is different. Every home is different. But millions of children are currently facing the same 3 dangers. These dangers are complicated. They can be hard to talk about and even harder to resolve. But we need to talk about them and we need to resolve them in our own homes. Here they are:

  1. Pornography
  2. Screen Time
  3. Communication


The statistics are horrifying. Children are exposed to some form of pornography at younger and younger ages. We are in the midst of a massive social experiment. A larger percent of an entire generation has been exposed to pornography to such a degree to modify how they look at sex. Not only does it impact how they look at sex it impacts how they see their mothers. We need to take a hard look at how our families are being impacted by exposure to pornography. The old trite saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could never be more true than it is with the issue of pornography. Putting something in place to prevent an addiction is vastly better than dealing with the heart ache and grief that comes with it.

Screen Time

Many of our children are addicted to devices and we seem to not know or care. We all have a sense that putting boundaries in place is necessary. However, so few do it. Sometimes it is a convenience for the parents. Other times the parents don’t know what to do. But something must be done to put boundaries around the amount of time our children spend on internet devices.


Technology has made communication so easy. So, why am I listing it as a major problem we need to discuss? Because online forms of communication are great at moving messages from one person to another. However, they are very bad at helping to form an enduring bond between two people. Communication is not just about sending messages. It is about building, nurturing, and strengthening deep bonded connections between people. Face to face communication is necessary for establishing this type of deeply committed relationship. When it comes to communicating between parents and children and husband and wife let’s put down the phones and step away from the keyboards and look each other in the eyes when we communicate.


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Protect Your Family Today!

Because nothing is more important and precious than your children.

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