Why Block Porn: For your husband/wife

This installment of our “Why Block Porn” series focuses on pornography’s impact on marriages and spouses.


Like smoking, pornography has the greatest impact on users. However, like secondhand smoke, people close to pornography users can be drastically affected. The user’s spouse in particular suffers intensely.

And yet, pornography users often think the only people they are only hurting themselves. Here are several reasons why “secondhand porn” is so destructive.


Porn ruins your spouse’s self-esteem

It’s bad enough that everywhere your wife looks she sees photoshopped bikini models, “Ten ways to keep him interested,” “Get rid of stretch marks overnight,” and “Lose 15 pounds in 5 days!” Now even her husband is fascinated with made-up, surgically enhanced, and digitally altered actresses.

Husbands are vulnerable as well. Pornography depicts unrealistic male bodies as well as physiologically impossible results. With all the pixelated fireworks, men often feel they can’t measure up.


Porn takes your spouse’s marriage

After watching pornography, viewers reported being less in love with their spouse than before. Spouses of porn addicts find that their loving, caring partner is replaced by a moody, secretive stranger. When your spouse realizes that his/her spouse’s feelings are waning, the intimacy and trust in that relationship decrease as well.


Porn attacks your spouse’s mental health

After learning their spouse has been viewing pornography, most spouses feel angry, hurt, and betrayed. But for some, the emotional effects continue and get stronger. Many spouses experience anxiety and depression. To make matters worse, they feel incredibly lonely as they feel they must keep their partner’s secret, so they have no one to turn to. Research shows a form of PTSD is common among the injured spouse when pornography or other forms of infidelity have damaged the marriage.


Regardless of what you may have thought, pornography is not a victimless habit. For the sake of your spouse (future or otherwise), please block pornography from your house.


Kick porn out of your marriage with Clean Router, the original content filter router! Set an internet curfew to avoid late-night relapses, use our browser history logs for accountability, and block all porn sites with cutting-edge multi-layer filtering. Isn’t it about time you took back your marriage?


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twitter tips for teens

Studies find too much social media is bad for teen health


The more research is published, the more it looks like too much Instagram or Facebook has consequences for teens’ health.


Just like adults feel pressure in the age of smart phones to be constantly available to their jobs, teens feel some of the same pressure to be constantly engaged in messaging and social media. This pressure can cause teens to stay plugged in at all hours of the day– and the night. Social media use (especially at night) and emotional investment in social media has been linked to poorer sleep quality, lower self esteem, and higher levels of anxiety.


Another study released in July found even more dramatic results. After studying 753 middle school and high school students, researchers noticed that those enaged in social media for more than two hours per day were more likely to have poor mental health and even suicidal thoughts.


The takeaway from these studies is clear. Parents need to teach (preferably by example) the importance of unplugging from the internet and how to have work/technology/life balance. Parents also need to help their teenagers emotionally detach from social media, instead of basing their worth, social or otherwise, on the number of likes or followers.


To read the original article on Discovery News, click here!


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Feature Friday: We’ll grow with you

It’s not just a cliche: kids really do grow up so fast. One minute your son is a sweet, squishy baby that sleep all the time, the next minute he’s jumping off the dining room table. And those sweet newborn pajamas? Outgrown before you know it.


Some filters only provide one setting. Others offer a couple options, but don’t allow you to change the setting after the initial installation.


What happens when your family outgrows your internet filter? Do you really want to buy another costly filter every few years?


Clean Router will grow with your family. We provide customizable settings that you can set up, change, and change again. If you only want your kids to be able to access one or two websites, you can plug those settings in at cleanrouter.com. And if, in a few years, your family is ready for a little more internet access, you can adjust your settings again.


Traditional internet filters are inflexible and provide no exceptions. Clean Router gives the option to type in a password and access restricted material at any time. We will protect just as much as you want us to, exactly when you want us to.


To learn more about how Clean Router can protect your family and provide you with online peace of mind, click here!


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Two New Social Media Studies Offer Food For Thought For Parents

Two new studies on social media offer valuable insight for parents.


The first study indicates that teens and tweens check their mobile devices late at night and early into the morning. Night time social media use is linked to poorer sleep quality and higher levels of anxiety and depression. Dr. Heather Cleland Woods, the head of this study, suggested a “digital sunset” may be helpful for kids and teenagers. Read about Clean Router’s ability to put the internet to bed here!


The second study sought information on teenagers and stress. Researchers found that teenage girls in particular suffer from high levels of stress, and many self-medicate with social media. In turn, the pressure to achieve “followers” and “likes” can create more stress. Parents should check in with their teenagers of both genders and discuss social media popularity as well as stressors and stress management.


To read the original article at “The Guardian, click here!


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block all porn sites

Read our origin story in the Phoenix Business Journal!


Spencer Thomason and Eric Vance, co-founders of Clean Router, sat down with Phoenix Business Journal to talk about Clean Router’s beginnings, explain why Clean Router is unique in the internet filtering industry, and give their advice on starting a business in today’s market.


When Thomason and Vance were asked to develop an internet filtering service, the first Clean Router was born. “They didn’t like the idea of the router,” said Thomason. “So, we decided to do it ourselves.” When the two were both laid off in 2009, they began refining the Clean Router and preparing to bring their idea to the public.


While other internet filters are inflexible and cumbersome, Clean Router has a wide range of customizable settings. Parents can turn the internet on or off, exclude certain devices, received daily email reports,  or even give their favorite sites the “all clear.”


When it comes to launching a product, Thomason advises entrepeneurs to get it out as soon as is feasible. When Clean Router was first released, it was “pretty rough,” but parents were willing to tolerate the bugs in return for Clean Router’s features. “I would highly encourage any entrepreneur to get it out early, bugs and all,” he said.


You can read the Phoenix Business Journal article at  http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/print-edition/2015/9/11/entrepreneur-duo-aims-for-cleaner-einternet-for.html?ana=twt (subscription required)


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Clean Router Favicon

Feature Friday: Goodbye ads!






Flashing, moving, talking, jingling… They are all over the internet.


Aren’t you tired of all the ads?


Some of them are just annoying. Their little tunes get stuck in your head, and the same catch phrases pop up everywhere.


But some of them are suggestive or even horribly sexually explicit. Like “Did I accidentally stumble onto a porn site?” explicit. What good does it do to block inappropriate websites if sensual or sexual ads pop up on the side of your perfectly innocent media?


Online peace of mind is not deserved without protecting your family from ALL inappropriate content, no matter where it appears. That’s why Clean Router combines our IntelliFilter with a really great ad blocker to keep annoying and inappropriate ads off your computer.


As an added bonus, replacing ads with our Clean Router logo may even  speed up your internet! Some of our users report that websites, especially those with lots of ad content, load faster with Clean Router.


Online peace of mind AND faster internet? Who can say no to that?


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Clean Router internet filter for families

For the Arizona folks

Hey Arizona folks!


Do you have your tickets for the second Families Fighting Pornography Conference? The theme is “Building Strong Families,” and it’s happening at the Phoenix/Mesa Hilton this Saturday, September 12. Tickets have just been lowered to $10 apiece.


This awesome conference sponsored by the Arizona Family Council will feature topics such as:

“The Path Less Traveled: First Steps Towards Recovery”

“How to Talk to your Teen About Pornography”

“Betrayal Trauma in Marriage”

“Porn’s Rewiring the Brain of an Entire Generation and What You Can Do About It”

“Setting Boundaries With Social Media”

And much, much more!


Additionally, this conference comes with the opportunity to sign up for a one on one session with a tech expert to learn about internet safety. So, don’t forget your phone, tablet, computer, or device of your choice!


Click here to learn more and to buy your tickets.


See you on Saturday!


Focus on the Family: The Stages of Pornography Addiction

This post by Focus on the Family outlines the stages of pornography addiction and includes personal accounts from former porn addicts detailing how pornography destroyed their lives.


As listed by Focus on the Family, the five stages of pornography addiction are:

1) Early exposure

2) Addiction

3) Escalation

4) Desensitization

5) Acting out sexually


Clean Router’s purpose is to make sure that the first step, “Early exposure,” never happens. While, as the article notes, not everyone who sees pornography will become addicted, every pornography addict has seen pornography. By eliminating internet access to pornography in your home, the likelihood of pornography addiction becomes much lower.


To learn more about how Clean Router protects your family online, click here!

internet filter

Sex therapist Siobhan Lane speaks out on pornography addiction

Siobhan Lane, British sex therapist, is seeing more and more young men addicted to pornography. The culprit? She says it’s the internet.

“Everybody uses laptops or smartphones and the images that are on the internet are very explicit. If you think it, you can Google it….

Porn is just there, on any device that is connected to the internet, and it’s the ease of access that is the problem.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Clean Router understands that a traditional internet filter just won’t cut it anymore. That is why our Clean Router Pro blocks all pornography from ALL devices: smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming systems.

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Clean Router Pro

Feature Friday: We Make It Easy

It’s so important to monitor your children’s online activity and protect them from online pornography. But between your job, housework, church work, extracurricular activities, date nights, exercise… who has the time?


And even when you do make the time, you sit down at the computer and….. what next? Check the internet history? What if they used an incognito tab? What if they deleted the history? Your kids surpassed your technological expertise at the age of six. Can you really keep up with them?


You buy a really expensive internet filter, but it’s a pain to install. It slows down your internet, it blocks perfectly innocent sites, and the filter is only on the desktop computer. The desktop computer, of course, happens to be the device your kids use LEAST often.


What’s a parent to do?


Clean Router is here to help. We believe that it should be easy to provide your family with a fun, safe online experience and to stay in the loop on your kids’ internet activity. That’s why Clean Router is one affordable system that covers all devices and installs in one easy step. If you are extra pressed for time, we will even email you daily reports on your family’s online activity!


Don’t let life get in the way of what truly matters. Order our latest model, Clean Router Pro, today, and purchase online peace of mind for your family.


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