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Internet Service Providers and Modems
Clean Router is a network router that blocks pornography. It works with virtually all Internet Service Providers and Cable/DSL modems.
Laptop and Desktop Computers
Clean Router uses standard networking protocols. That means that any Laptop or Desktop computer that uses standard protocols will be filtered as long as they are conntected to the Internet through the Clean Router. We have customers using a very wide variety of operating systems and browsers including:
  • Windows (all versions in use)
  • Mac
Tablets and Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are effectively filtered by Clean Router when they are connected to it. A large variety of wireless devices have been used with Clean Router. It is important to realize that many devices can access the Internet directly though cellular providers. These devices will only be filtered if they are connected to the Clean Router wireless.
Video Game Consoles and Other Devices
Each day more devices are being developed and sold which allow browsing of Internet content. The vast majority of these devices provide little or no parental control. Although Clean Router may not be able to provide controls specific to each device it does filter the internet on these devices as it would a computer. It also can limit Internet access by these devices based on time settings specified by you. The most commonly used devices that fit into this category include:
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming Media Players

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Smart top

Now with IntelliFilter™ Technology
IntelliFilter™ is our multilevel searching technology which is constantly on the lookout. It uses the following to focus in on the true content:
  • System Defined Keywords and Phrases
  • User Defined Keywords and Phrases
  • URL/Domain Words
  • Image Name/URL Words
  • User Defined Black/White Lists

Secure top

Protect what matters most
Clean Router works tirelessly to protect the tender hearts in your family. Configuration and bypass is protected by a password of your choosing. Your wireless connection defaults to WPA2 encryption.

Concerned it could get disconnected?
Many of our customers have found it convenient to secure their router by locking it in a closet or office. If that doesn't work we have an easy and affordable solution: The Pandora's Hope Lock Box more...

Fast top

Speed down the superhighway
Our Engineering team has worked tirelessly for over 3 years to optimize our filtering solution to perform as fast as possible without compromising on filtering quality. We continue to make constant improvements to browsing speed.
Most customers report little or no reduction in browsing speed after installing Clean Router.

Easy top

Simple steps to setup and use
We've made it as easy as possible to setup Clean Router at your home. In most cases the Clean Router can be installed and configured in less than 10 minutes.

Clean Router was engineered from the beginning with non-technical customers in mind. Configuration is easy for customers at all technical levels. If you do have a question or problem our friendly and knowledgable technical support staff will be anxious to lend a hand when you call: 1-520-445-HOPE.

Flexible top

Protection that bends over backwards
Clean Router protects your family but otherwise stays out of your way. We provide many features that allow you to customize filtering and network settings to fit your needs. The following features allow flexibility and customizations:
  • Instant 15 minute bypass of blocked sites (password required)
  • User defined keywords
  • Blacklist, Greylist, and Whitelist
  • Time restrictions by device
  • Filtering levels
  • Exclude Devices from filtering

Time top

It's About Time
Finally! An effective filtering product that is up to the challenge of this every changing Internet world we live in. It is constantly and seamlessly updated to keep up with the changes in the Internet. We are your partner in protecting your Family from the dangers of the Internet.
Speaking of time...
One of our most popular features is the ability to limit Internet on devices by the time of day. Many customers enjoy the ability to control when their children can access the Internet on tablets and other devices.

Endorsements top

Arizona Family Council

Arizona Family Council (AZFC) is a non-profit that seeks to empower families in their fight against pornography. AZFC fights against pornography by educating local officials, creating a community standard of decency, and providing accurate information to the public about the dangers of pornography.

Daniel G. Oakes
M.Ed., L.P.C, Licensed Professional Counselor, LifeSTAR Therapist, and current Pandora’s Hope user.

“I have loved the product and it has been successful in my home. I continue to be very excited about your product and have recommended it several times.”