Tips from the AAP to Manage Kids’ Screen Time

In 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a press statement titled “Managing Media: We Need a Plan.”


If you are like most parents out there, your response is probably something like: “Oh boy, do we ever!”


Electronic devices that snag our kids’ attention almost from birth– they’re shiny, make noises, and take up a lot of Mom and Dad’s time. As the kids grow and learn about FaceTime, YouTube, and games, the attraction grows exponentially. With such a natural bond between kid and device, how can parents keep screen time under control?


In the statement mentioned above, the AAP shares tips for parents and pediatricians working to keep kids’ screen time to healthy limits. We recommend reading the press statement and the accompanying policy statement in full as a family and implementing the suggestions in your own family media plan. Among other suggestions, the AAP recommends that parents:


*Remove computers and televisions from kids’ bedrooms

*Limit kids’ screen time to no more than two hours per day

*Co-view movies and television shows with kids and use the opportunity to discuss relevant family values

*Establish a family media use plan, including a mealtime and bedtime curfew for all electronic devices


You can read the press statement here and the policy statement here.


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