Testimonial Tuesday: Suzanne W.


Happy Tuesday! On the second day of the week, we feature a review from one of our customers on our blog. If you are considering protecting your home with Clean Router, know that these are reviews from REAL customers!


This week’s testimonial is from Suzanne. She says:


“Dear Clean Router, I was in the shower just now while my 8 year old daughter was making Valentines for her friends. She was making a craft where you attach mustaches to suckers. She came into the computer and did a search for mustaches to print one out and when she clicked on an image she was blocked by Clean Router. She came in the bathroom to ask me what the password was (as if I would tell her) because she had been blocked. I can only image what she might have run into with a search for mustaches if Clean Router wasn’t there to protect her. Thank you for being there to protect my children, even when I am in the shower!

I promote you any time I have the opportunity.  I think every home should be using Clean Router!”


Thanks Suzanne!


Clean Router uses 7-layer IntelliFilter technology to block all online pornography from your home! Our customers love the online peace of mind, and their families love the access to all the best parts of the internet.


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