Testimonial Tuesday: Itakethiscrayon

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday! On the second day of the work week, we like to feature reviews from our happy customers and hear from them what they love about Clean Router.

Today’s testimonial is from a customer who chose to leave a review on Amazon under the username “Itakethiscrayon”.


“Hands down the best internet filter we’ve used – seriously. Is it perfect? Nope, but you won’t find a better option. once it is setup it just works.

– it actually blocks porn.
– very easy to setup – took me 5 minutes. Plug it in, and go through a little setup wizard.
– default network and filter settings work well. Had to turn down the filter sensitivity.
– awesome customer support. had to call them once when we lost the admin password, and got a real person in under a minute. super helpful, and US based.
– this router is faster than my old one. good range. using this with 13 wifi devices.
– time restriction feature worth the cost alone. no more midnight ‘face booking.’

– the filtering was too strict by default, blocked some news sites. turned the sensitivity down, and it worked fine.
– Not really a con, but I had to use the port forwarding tool to allow an online game on.”


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