26 Jul

Welcome to Testimonial Tuesday! On the second day of the work week, we like to feature reviews from our happy customers and hear from them what they love about Clean Router.


Today’s review is from Angela. She says:


We love the Clean Router! We’ve used it in our home for several years and have lived in four different states with different internet service providers each time. It’s worked great in each location. The interenet speed is fast even with the filtering. Though the set up is easy, on a couple different occasions, we’ve needed help configuring our modem and router (each ISP modem is a little different). We called the customer service guys (they answer right away and are super knowledgeable) and they walked us through it with no problem. I would recommend this router to every single family. As a parent, it brings great peace of mind!”


Thanks Angela!


What do you love about your Clean Router? Comment below!

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