internet use affects teen grades

Boys and girls waste time differently online but hurt GPAs similarly, study says

The internet / grade connection is real


Everyone knows teenagers spend a lot of time on the internet and most of that time is less than productive. AND it’s not hard to guess wasting time online isn’t good for the GPA. It’s not even a surprise that boys and girls engage in different online activities. But Taiwanese researchers Su-Yen Chen and Yang-Chih Fu wanted to know if different online activities effect boys’ and girls’ grade point averages differently.


In their 2009 study “Internet Use and Academic Achievement: Differences in Early Adolescence,” Su-Yen Chen and Yang-Chih Fu analyzed Taiwanese eighth graders’ internet usage. Unsurprisingly, girls spent more time socializing online, and boys spent more time gaming. This difference is also encouraged in Taiwan by internet cafes focused on online gaming and mostly frequented by young men.
Researchers then examined the correlation between certain activities (gaming, socializing, and searching for information) and the entrance exam scores. They found that gaming was associated with lower boys’ scores, and that socializing was associated with lower girls’ scores. However, gaming didn’t seem to negatively impact the girls’ scores, and socializing didn’t seem to hurt the boys’ scores. Searching for information was associated with higher test scores in both genders.


What can we learn from these results?


In spite of the gender generalizations made by this study, the most helpful take-away seems to be that internet activities effect different people differently. Online shopping might teach valuable lessons about marketing and business to one person but might just be a waste of time and money to another person. Short periods of gaming could help one person unwind and practice self-discipline (ie learning to turn the game off when appropriate) or be a dangerous addictive distraction to someone else.
Teenagers need to learn how to use the internet responsibly. Clean Router can provide limits that can help that learning process (click here for more information).  But parents also need to help teenagers develop self-awareness and self-discipline. Teenagers have to know when to work, when to play, and simply when enough is enough. These principles apply “in real life” as well, of course. But the addictive nature of technology necessitates a deeper recognition of growing dependency. It’s too easy to sit down and let hours fly by while one is clicking away. By helping teenagers learn these skills, parents are preparing their children to be responsible, independent adults.


That’s just good parenting.


Clean Router Pro

Feature Friday: We Make It Easy

It’s so important to monitor your children’s online activity and protect them from online pornography. But between your job, housework, church work, extracurricular activities, date nights, exercise… who has the time?


And even when you do make the time, you sit down at the computer and….. what next? Check the internet history? What if they used an incognito tab? What if they deleted the history? Your kids surpassed your technological expertise at the age of six. Can you really keep up with them?


You buy a really expensive internet filter, but it’s a pain to install. It slows down your internet, it blocks perfectly innocent sites, and the filter is only on the desktop computer. The desktop computer, of course, happens to be the device your kids use LEAST often.


What’s a parent to do?


Clean Router is here to help. We believe that it should be easy to provide your family with a fun, safe online experience and to stay in the loop on your kids’ internet activity. That’s why Clean Router is one affordable system that covers all devices and installs in one easy step. If you are extra pressed for time, we will even email you daily reports on your family’s online activity!


Don’t let life get in the way of what truly matters. Order our latest model, Clean Router Pro, today, and purchase online peace of mind for your family.


To learn more about how Clean Router can help your family, click here!


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Why Block Porn: You want grandkids (someday)

Welcome to our first installment of the “Why Block Porn” series. Every so often, we want to remind why it’s so important to keep pornography out of your home.

Involvement with pornography has many insidious consequences, both short term and longterm.  But, this week we want to focus one particularly sad consequence of a son or daughter’s pornography involvement. Surprised? Here are three reasons why.


1) Pornography isolates.

Porn users want to be alone to look at porn. When they aren’t looking for porn, they just don’t want to interact with others. It might stem from a sense of shame, or ordinary guys/girls might not seem as attractive or exciting after watching pornography. Both are common results of using pornography. Either way, an isolated son or daughter is less likely to socialize, date, marry, and have a family. Which for you, the parent, means no grandbabies.


2) Pornography discourages monogamy.

This study, published earlier this year, suggests that some men today are using pornography as a substitute for marriage. Whether or not that is true, exposure to pornography can make an individual feel that a lifestyle of multiple sexual partners is more desirable and fulfilling than a monogamous relationship. Pornography can also seem easier because there’s no “give and take” like healthy relationships require. Once again, that’s no commitment, no marriage, and no grandbabies.


3) Pornography interferes with sexual function.

Those who view pornography report being less attracted to their partner afterwards. This personal account is one example. Additionally, the media has begun noting a new phenonmenon of erectile dysfunction in a younger population than ever before. This “epidemic” has been directly linked to porn use. No babymaking means no babies.

So, if you ever want to browse the baby section of Etsy, snuggle a baby you don’t have to feed at 2am, or pinch some new chubby cheeks….block that porn!


And let Clean Router help! Clean Router blocks porn ALL DEVICES with ONE STEP! 


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Clean Router support

Feature Friday: How’s your support network?

We all need a support network.

Everyone needs friends.Children need parents.

Husbands need wives.

Wives need husbands.

Students need TAs and teachers.

Employees need co-workers and supervisors.

Here at Clean Router, we want to be part of your support network. That’s why Ryan and Chris, our support technicians, are available by phone or by live chat for any and all of your Clean Router support needs. They want to be there for you at those milestones– when you open your Clean Router box, when you log in to your settings for the first time, as you add your first URL to the Black List.

Ryan and Chris especially want to be there for you if things seem hard, like if you just can’t block all Frozen-related material from your house.

Call Ryan and Chris at 1-520-445-4673, email them at, or chat with them at

Because here at Clean Router, we want to make sure YOU are supported.

For more information about how we can support you and your family in clean, safe online fun, read more on our blog!

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twitter tips for teens

A Parent’s Guide to Twitter: Settings

Twitter: it’s just like Facebook, but with a 140 character limit, right?

Yes… and no. As a parent, there are a few differences between Facebook and Twitter that you might want to know about. Let’s walk through the Twitter settings page and talk about the similarities and differences between these two social media giants.


Find Me By Email/Phone Number

This option also exists on Facebook, and, like Facebook, you can also turn either or both options off.


Tweet Location

This allows anyone who views your tweet to also view your location. Facebook also has this feature on individual posts.

If you don’t want your location (or your child’s location) to be public on any of your tweets, just make sure that box is unchecked.


Tweet Media

Under this item, there is a box to check (or to leave unchecked) that says, “Display media that may contain sensitive content.” It’s a nice feature, but unchecking this box doesn’t guarantee a family friendly timeline. Twitter does not determine which posts have “sensitive” (ie potentially offensive) content. Only the poster can flag content as sensitive, whereas on Facebook, anyone can report a post as offensive.


Tweet Privacy

On Facebook, the default privacy setting is that only friends can see your posts, and every friend request must be approved. On Twitter, the default setting is that anyone can see your tweets and follow you (add you as a friend).

The Tweet Privacy section gives you the option to “Protect my tweets.” Checking this box means that your tweets will only be visible to your followers, and potential followers will need your approval. However, if anyone has followed your account before you clicked the box, you will have to block each undesired follower to remove his or her access.


The Rest of the Settings Page

All of the other options are to show/not show certain items like a photo, banner, your full name, email address, etc, on your Twitter page. Just like with anywhere else on the internet, remind your kids that nothing digital is really private.


Twitter is a fun place to share parts of life with others and participate in global conversations. Being educated about internet safety is the best way to have a truly enjoyable online experience with your family. For more tips on keeping your family safe on the internet, check out our blog, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter at @Clean_Router!


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parental controls for internet

Feature Friday: How to Put the Internet to Bed


Did you know that exposure to screen light in the evenings disrupts your circadian rhythms and makes it harder to go to sleep?

Did you know that, according to the National Sleep Foundation, only 15% of teenagers get enough sleep?

Does your son practice Angry Birds more than the piano these days?

Does your daughter spend more time on Facebook than homework?

Is technology interfering with your family time?

Does the internet just never, ever seem to go to bed at your house?


Clean Router provides great internet when you need it… and no internet when it’s time to disconnect! With Clean Router, you can put your internet on a schedule so you and your family can unplug and relax when it’s time.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “My Settings” and enter the administrator password
  3. On the left side of the page (under “Filter Configuration”) select “Time Restrictions”
  4. Click on “Add Restriction”
  5. Select your designated internet bedtime on the calendar
  6. Name the time restriction
  7. Enter the MAC of the devices you want this time restriction to apply to
  8. Hit “Save”



Your internet will thank you…. after it wakes up.


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save date night with Clean Router

Feature Friday: How to save date night

It’s Friday night.

You finally broke down, got a sitter, and bought tickets for that new flick you (or your spouse) has been dying to see. You sit down, snuggle up and…. the phone rings.

“Dad, you said we could watch Netflix!”

Whoops. Blocking Netflix is great for uninterrupted homework time but not so great for uninterrupted dates.

Of course, you could turn over the administrator password, but will you really enjoy date night knowing your internet safety is compromised? Your kids online, just clicks away from danger.

Clean Router makes it possible to save date night and your peace of mind! Unlike other filters, you can adjust Clean Router’s settings anytime, anywhere, at


To save date night:

  1. Find a device with internet access
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the email associated with your account and the administrator password
  4. Select “Black List” from the menu on the left side of the page
  5. Hit the red “X” next to
  6. Click “Save”


Enjoy your kid-free date!


Ready to protect your family online?


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children fighting

Feature Friday: How to ‘Let it Go’

It has been a year and four months to the day. You took your family into the theater, and everything changed.

One of your daughters always wears blue now. The other one always wears green. Neither of them will go anywhere without their hair in braids. You even caught them trying to stuff a carrot up their little brother’s nose. Why? “He needs to be Olaf!”

It’s time to let it go. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with Frozen, but you just need a break. You can put away the DVDs and the CDs, but it’s not quite enough.

Clean Router can thaw out your house.

Really. Remember the “Black List” tab? The place where you blocked porn sites, violent media, and drug content? Just add it to the list: Maybe someday you can let Anna, Elsa, and Olaf back into your house, but right now, you’re dreaming of summer without a singing snowman.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “My Settings” from the menu at the top of the page
  3. Sign in with your administrator password
  4. On the left side of the page, click on “Black List”
  5. Enter (or the url of any website you would like to block) into the space provided and click “Add”
  6. Hit “save”

It’s that easy.

For more information, watch the video!

To learn more about how Clean Router can improve your family’s internet safety plan, click here.

Clean Router internet filter for families

Welcome to Clean Router!

What is Clean Router?

Clean Router is a router with an internet safety program designed to allow your family to have a fun and safe online experience on any device with Wi-Fi in your home.


I already have an internet filter on my computer.

That’s great! Keeping your family safe online is so important. However, the computer is probably not the only way your family accesses the internet these days. Many families have smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, or smart tvs. Clean Router automatically cleans up the internet on all the devices in your home. Just plug it in and turn it on!


Filters either block too much or not enough.

An internet filter that does not provide your family with an online experience appropriate to their needs is not worth the time or money.  Clean Router is completely customizable in all aspects of the filtering process! For your convenience, Clean Router comes programmed to block a list of websites and key phrases. During set up (or any time), you can adjust the filter strength, completely block certain web sites and allow full access to others, and set individual schedules for each device in your home!


My family seems to be on the internet all the time! Can Clean Router help?

Absolutely! Clean Router allows you to determine when the internet is accessible at your house. Whether you’re worried about the internet interfering with a good night’s sleep, homework time, or family time, Clean Router provides good clean internet when you need it and turns off the internet when you are ready to unplug.

Watch our video to learn more about how to keep your internet clean:

Keeping your family safe online is not just possible– it’s easy!

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