Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Sale!

If Clean Router is not already protecting your home and providing you with online peace of mind, take advantage of our limited time offer!   Right now, Clean Router can be yours for only $12.99 a month! Combine this sale with our ongoing offer to give you a basic Clean Router for FREE (just pay …

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Feature Friday: Seven Analogies To Explain CleanYouTube’s awesomeness

Has CleanYouTube changed your life yet? Or at least your family’s internet experience? If not, you must not have tried this latest product of ours. Check out CleanYouTube now by clicking here or visiting CleanYouTube.io.   CleanYouTube beta is our way of taking “online peace of mind” to the next level. Here are five analogies to …

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Feature Friday: CleanKudos

Clean Router is committed to fighting pornography. We believe it is an important public service that will improve the lives of individuals and families. As such, we want to recognize others who also participate in the movement to make the internet safer. A new section of our website will do just that!   CleanKudos debuted …

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Feature Friday: Be Smart

Twenty years ago, who would have thought a refrigerator could be smart? Yet an internet refrigerator is very much on the market and can tell you when you are running out of milk and eggs.   Our “smart” world means that your desktop computer is probably gathering a little more dust than it used to. …

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Feature Friday: Not Porn, But Not For Kids

Sometimes when we talk about pornography and online safety, we oversimplify. The internet is not just divided up between pornography and kid-friendly content. Just like movies have different ratings, internet websites are diverse in the maturity of their content.   Most internet filters make the same mistake. There are “good sites” and “bad sites” with …

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