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Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant: Mom Prepped Me Against Porn

Fight the New Drug has published an interview with former “Bachelor” contestant Brooks Forester. What we loved about the interview (click here to read it) is that he described how his mother prepared him to turn away from pornography.


As a twelve year old, Brooks had a beloved treehouse. Equipped with electricity, carpet, and even old couches, this treehouse was his refuge. One day, though, he found a pile of pornographic magazines shoved under the carpet.


“As soon as my eyes meet the cover, I knew exactly what it was. My mom had told us about ‘smut magazines’ before and told us not to look at them. I sat there debating on what to do. I remember totally weighing out my options, going back and forth on what I should do.

On one side, I thought,’My mom told me it’s like drugs and drugs are dangerous.’ Then the other side retorted,’Ya but come on, man, how bad can it really be? Plus…(the wrong choice always seems to have a plus thrown in), this might be the only chance we get and aren’t you curious about what a naked women looks like?’ My 12-year-old self was in a serious conundrum.”


Twelve year old Brooks decided to burn the magazines… after taking just one look. But, even after one look, he found it hard to resist the magazines’ pull. He burned all the magazines but one, which he buried  in the backyard, just in case he wanted to look at it again. His mom saved him again, though, and leveled the backyard with a tractor the very next day, unknowingly destroying the marker.


Parents, here’s the takeaway:


1) Teach your kids in plain terms what pornography is and what it looks like. Make sure they will know it when they see it.


2) Teach your kids that pornography is addictive and dangerous. Viewing pornography may be against your religious or moral beliefs. That’s great! But, your kids need to know WHY pornography is inappropriate and harmful.


3) Follow your instincts. If you have a gut feeling that you need to check the browser history or institute a “no devices in bedrooms” rule, do it. Your support can bolster your children as they develop their values and improve their self control.


Mom and Dad, you can and do make a difference in your children’s fight against pornography. Talk to your children about pornography, and be an active part of your children’s internet lives.


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Why Block Porn: For your husband/wife

This installment of our “Why Block Porn” series focuses on pornography’s impact on marriages and spouses.


Like smoking, pornography has the most impact on users. However, just like second hand smoke, those surrounding pornography users can be drastically affected. The most dramatic example of this phenomenon is pornography’s impact on a user’s spouse.

And yet, pornography users often think the only people they hurt are themselves. Here are several reasons why “second hand pornography” is so destructive.


Porn ruins your spouse’s self esteem

It’s bad enough that everywhere your wife looks she sees photoshopped bikini models, “Ten ways to keep him interested,” “Get rid of stretch marks overnight,” and “Lose 15 pounds in 5 days!” Now even her husband is fascinated with made up, surgically enhanced, and digitally altered actresses.

Husbands are vulnerable as well. Pornography depicts unrealistic male bodies as well as physiologically impossible results. With all the pixelated fireworks, men feel they just can’t measure up.


Porn takes your spouse’s marriage

After watching pornography, viewers reported being less in love with their spouse than before. Spouses of porn addicts find that their loving, caring partner is replaced by a moody, secretive stranger. When your spouse realizes that his/her spouse’s feelings are waning, the intimacy and trust in that relationship decrease as well.


Porn attacks your spouse’s mental health

Upon learning their spouse has been viewing pornography, most spouses feel angry, hurt, and betrayed. But for some, the emotional effects continue and get stronger. Many spouses experience anxiety and depression. To make matters worse, they feel incredibly lonely as they feel they must keep their partner’s secret, so they have no one to turn to.


Regardless of what you may have thought, pornography is not a victimless habit. For the sake of your spouse (future or otherwise), block pornography from your house.


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Clean Router for Every Device in Your Home

Read our origin story in the Phoenix Business Journal!


Spencer Thomason and Eric Vance, co-founders of Clean Router, sat down with Phoenix Business Journal to talk about Clean Router’s beginnings, explain why Clean Router is unique in the internet filtering industry, and give their advice on starting a business in today’s market.


When Thomason and Vance were asked to develop an internet filtering service, the first Clean Router was born. “They didn’t like the idea of the router,” said Thomason. “So, we decided to do it ourselves.” When the two were both laid off in 2009, they began refining the Clean Router and preparing to bring their idea to the public.


While other internet filters are inflexible and cumbersome, Clean Router has a wide range of customizable settings. Parents can turn the internet on or off, exclude certain devices, received daily email reports,  or even give their favorite sites the “all clear.”


When it comes to launching a product, Thomason advises entrepeneurs to get it out as soon as is feasible. When Clean Router was first released, it was “pretty rough,” but parents were willing to tolerate the bugs in return for Clean Router’s features. “I would highly encourage any entrepreneur to get it out early, bugs and all,” he said.


You can read the Phoenix Business Journal article at (subscription required)


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Clean Router Favicon

Feature Friday: Goodbye ads!






Flashing, moving, talking, jingling… They are all over the internet.


Aren’t you tired of all the ads?


Some of them are just annoying. Their little tunes get stuck in your head, and the same catch phrases pop up everywhere.


But some of them are suggestive or even horribly sexually explicit. Like “Did I accidentally stumble onto a porn site?” explicit. What good does it do to block inappropriate websites if sensual or sexual ads pop up on the side of your perfectly innocent media?


Online peace of mind is not deserved without protecting your family from ALL inappropriate content, no matter where it appears. That’s why Clean Router combines our IntelliFilter with a really great ad blocker to keep annoying and inappropriate ads off your computer.


As an added bonus, replacing ads with our Clean Router logo may even  speed up your internet! Some of our users report that websites, especially those with lots of ad content, load faster with Clean Router.


Online peace of mind AND faster internet? Who can say no to that?


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Focus on the Family: The Stages of Pornography Addiction

This post by Focus on the Family outlines the stages of pornography addiction and includes personal accounts from former porn addicts detailing how pornography destroyed their lives.


As listed by Focus on the Family, the five stages of pornography addiction are:

1) Early exposure

2) Addiction

3) Escalation

4) Desensitization

5) Acting out sexually


Clean Router’s purpose is to make sure that the first step, “Early exposure,” never happens. While, as the article notes, not everyone who sees pornography will become addicted, every pornography addict has seen pornography. By eliminating internet access to pornography in your home, the likelihood of pornography addiction becomes much lower.


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Clean Router Pro

Feature Friday: We Make It Easy

It’s so important to monitor your children’s online activity and protect them from online pornography. But between your job, housework, church work, extracurricular activities, date nights, exercise… who has the time?


And even when you do make the time, you sit down at the computer and….. what next? Check the internet history? What if they used an incognito tab? What if they deleted the history? Your kids surpassed your technological expertise at the age of six. Can you really keep up with them?


You buy a really expensive internet filter, but it’s a pain to install. It slows down your internet, it blocks perfectly innocent sites, and the filter is only on the desktop computer. The desktop computer, of course, happens to be the device your kids use LEAST often.


What’s a parent to do?


Clean Router is here to help. We believe that it should be easy to provide your family with a fun, safe online experience and to stay in the loop on your kids’ internet activity. That’s why Clean Router is one affordable system that covers all devices and installs in one easy step. If you are extra pressed for time, we will even email you daily reports on your family’s online activity!


Don’t let life get in the way of what truly matters. Order our latest model, Clean Router Pro, today, and purchase online peace of mind for your family.


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How (and why) to create an unassailable password

Here at Clean Router, we have spared no effort to bring you the most secure and convenient internet filtering possible. Intellifilter technology, customizable settings, universal compatibility– it’s all there.

But, once we ship the Clean Router off to you, the ball’s in your court. Of course our support team will be happy to help with any questions or concerns. But adjusting the filters, reading the daily email reports– only YOU can do that. And there’s one thing YOU, and only YOU, can do to exponentially increase the internet safety at your house: creating and protecting your password.

Now, this isn’t your Wi-Fi password. Feel free to distribute that password as far and wide as you please (unless the neighbors will mooch off your internet). We’re talking about your administrator password to the your Clean Router account. This is the password that allows you to adjust the filter settings and to visit blocked websites. The administrator password is the key to your whole internet security system.

The secret to a solid password-protected account is two-fold. First, you need to create a really strong password. Preferably, your password will be a seemingly random combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. But, of course, if that combination is too random, you will forget your password or feel the need to write it down somewhere. Both forgetting the password and writing it down can compromise the security of your account. So, create a password that is a seemingly random (but not to you) combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. We discourage the use of family member’s names, birth dates, wedding anniversaries– basically anything that is “on the record” somewhere. Some alternatives could be….

  • The day you and your spouse met/became an “item”/got engaged
  • A favorite book/movie/tv show
  • An inside joke
  • A family motto
  • A favorite celebrity
  • An old friend’s name

The possibilities are endless. Just be creative!

Once you have an especially secure password, realize that no password is fool-proof. If you believe there is a likelihood of someone (like a child) trying to hack your account, you should change the administrator password periodically and if you think the settings have been changed.

So, set up Clean Router, adjust your settings, create a fantastic password, and enjoy online peace of mind.

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Here’s what porn REALLY does to your brain

Porn is fake, but its effects are very real. A Daily Mail article has rounded up the research on the danger of pornography. Among other results, research has found that exposure to pornography affects people similarly to exposure to hard drugs. Upon viewing explicit media, the brain produces a surge of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. As users repeatedly trigger surges of dopamine through pornography, the brain becomes desensitized. It will then take more and more stimulation to produce the same level of “high.”

Eventually, real life physical intimacy just won’t be exciting enough. Those who use pornography will need more hard-core porn and more of it to experience a normal physiological sexual response.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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Feature Friday: Two Exciting Announcements!

Happy Friday! We are thrilled to announce two new developments here at Clean Router.

Clean Router Pro front view

First, we have released our newest model, Clean Router Pro! This latest addition to the Clean Router family has all the features you know and love combined with FASTER Wi-Fi speed and a WIDER range. Whether you are new to Clean Router or just feel like it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll love Clean Router Pro.

Clean Router Pro back view









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Our second announcement is that we are now on Amazon! We are so excited to be easily accessible to all of you Amazon lovers out there. When you have a moment, please pop over and tell the world why you love your Clean Router!


That’s it for today! Have a fantastic squeaky-clean-internet weekend everyone!


Thanks, Phoenix Business Journal!

Clean Router has been featured in the Phoenix Business Journal! The article discusses the massive pornography industry ($2.8 BILLION– Wow!) and the need for internet safety both at home and at work.

We’ve also talked about some of the exciting new developments at Clean Router, like….

Clean Router Pro, our newest model, has faster service and a bigger Wi-Fi range than ever before.


The Clean Router Small Business model is due out in October with even FASTER Wi-Fi speeds and WIDER range for businesses.


Our change from an annual to a monthly subscription model.


The debut of Clean Search service beta next month!


Click here to read the whole article!