My wireless printer is not connecting to the Clean Router

Wireless printers are super easy to set up, in that there are literally only 2 methods to do so with
the Clean Router. Some Clean Router models have a WPS button, but they are not running the
manufacturer’s software so these are non functional.

The only two ways to connect a wireless printer are automatic configuration (usually done by
front LED panel), or manual setup (done through installing the printer again using installation
CD or drivers provided by manufacturer’s website). Either connection type merely needs the
name (SSID) and wireless password (Key) from the Clean Router.

An HP specific* example of ‘Front LED panel setup’ can be found here, listed under: HP
Wireless Setup Wizard (products with display)

An HP specific* example of ‘manual setup’ can be found from the same link, lised under: USB
setup of wireless (Products without display)

*most other printers will have the same format. Using the front panel to navigate to network or
wireless, then “wireless setup wizard” – or, for those without the front panel, using the USB setup
as described.