I suspect the filter is causing problems with a download / gaming console / smart TV / Roku Box

The Clean Router actually has various xbox, playstation, and netflix servers listed on its White
List by default, as we try not to break these services out of the box. Even so, we still see
individual instances where a connection has trouble for a download, or a streaming service may
buffer where it did not previously. The Clean Router is not actively blocking anything in these
instances, but the filter’s mere presence might be the issue – being rejected from the other end,
rather than the filter doing any blocking itself.

For gaming consoles and Smart TVs, the only service that is filterable on these devices is the
built-in web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc – so excluding from the filter is usually
a safe option for these devices if they are having trouble. With a Roku box particularly, there is
nothing the Clean Router should be filtering at all.

To exclude a device from the filter we would first need either its MAC address or IP address
(given from the Clean Router, by default 192.168.2.x) to set a ‘Friendly Name’ nickname for a
given device. If you are not certain of where to obtain this information a quick Google search for
“how to find the IP address for ….” or “how to find MAC address for ….” will give step-by-step

Once you have the MAC or IP address for a device, please try the following:

  • Connect to the router’s admin-portal page ( and log in using your administrator password
  • Click on the “Friendly Names” section on the left side column
  • Match the IP address or MAC address to an entry, then click the green plus (+) mark to add a nickname for that device.*
  • Click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You should see a green ‘success’ checkmark.
  • Once a nickname is set, click on the “Exclude From Filter” section on the left side column. This section has a drop-down menu populated by the nicknames.
  • After clicking the ‘add’ button to create an exclusion, the nickname will appear in the field below with a red X next to it.
  • Click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You should see a green ‘success’ checkmark.
  • Removing an exclusion from the filter is as easy as re-visiting the admin-portal page from *any* device and clicking that red X to remove the appropriate entry (being sure to click the Save button afterward).

*If you are uncertain of which device is which, there is an “add this computer” button on the
Friendly Names page that will auto-detect the device you are working from. This button is a
‘dumb’ button and will create a duplicate entry for a device that already has a nickname
however – so double check to be sure the nickname field it creates does not match the
information of any existing devices with nicknames.