I am having performance issues on the wireless network

Wireless performance can vary greatly, depending on several factors:

  • Distance to router
  • Building materials (Concrete, metal, will cause degradation)
  • Interference from other wireless routers, or repeaters. The router should have 3-5 feet of
    clearance from other electronics, *especially* things like cordless telephone stations,
    wireless printers, baby monitors, speakers (or anything with large magnets), and cell
    phone boosters.
  • Device hardware.
  • The number of devices connected. (The more connected, the slower the network)
  • The radio used: 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz (5Ghz is usually faster, but typically has shorter range)

When having wireless performance issues, it is important to get a baseline. Please try the

  • Connect to the Clean Router wireless network
  • Move to within 6ft of the router
  • Visit this website: fast.com
  • Fast.com will run a speedtest automatically

If the result from this speed test is close to what you are paying for from your Internet Service
Provider, then it is possible there is no issue with your Clean Router. Please contact our
support team if you believe these results to be unsatisfactory. Be sure to mention your
speedtest results.