A website is coming through that I do not want available

The Clean Router’s base filtration is very good at preventing pornography, but the line of what
material is objectionable or not is certainly going to vary from user to user. The filter can also be
used to restrict perfectly mundane websites – so if there is any website that is *not* blocked that
you would like to see restricted, the Black List is built exactly for this purpose.

To add a website to your router’s Black List to be blocked, please try the following:

  • Connect to the router’s admin-portal page ( and log in using your administrator password
  • Click on the “Black List” section on the left side column
  • Enter the website to be blocked – no http:// or www. required (ex: cars.com, disney.com, facebook.com)
  • Click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You should see a green ‘success’ checkmark.
  • You can test the Black List entry by attempting to browse to the site after it has been saved to the Black List. The site should be blocked as soon as the entry has been saved*.

*If a site has been added to your Black List and is still coming through, please try clearing the
cache from your browser. If you have recently visited the site, browser caching can sometimes
hold onto data from a previous session and allow it to load through where otherwise it would be
blocked. If you have added a website to your black list and cleared your cache and yet it is still
coming through and not being blocked, please do contact our support team right away!