A website is being blocked / service is being blocked / pieces of a website are being blocked that should not be

The Clean Router’s filter is an active filter and can treat the same website differently day-to-day
with different content. It is also set for ‘safer rather than sorry’, and can take a harsher stance
on certain words and phrases that can have mundane uses (the word model, for instance, is a
great example). If a website or piece of a website is not working and you suspect the filter is the
culprit, the White List is built exactly for this purpose.

To add a website to your router’s White List to be exempted from the filter, please try the

  • Connect to the router’s admin-portal page ( and log in using your administrator password
  • Click on the “White List” section on the left side column
  • Enter the website to be exempted – no http:// or www. required (ex: cars.com, disney.com, facebook.com)
  • Click the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You should see a green ‘success’ checkmark.
  • You can test the White List entry by attempting to browse to the site after it has been saved to the White List. The site should be opened up and fully functional as soon as the entry has been saved*.

*If a site has been added to your White List and is still not loading, or pieces of it not working,
please please do contact our support team right away! Many sites will pull from various content
delivery networks or behind-the-scenes servers, and there may be more than just the ‘faceplate’
website that needs to be entered onto the White List to allow full functionality.