Feature Friday: Here to make you the parent you want to be

You had it all planned out– maybe even before you became a parent.

Screen time would be carefully regulated. Definitely no screen time whatsoever before the age of two, and then only a five minutes, three times a week. Only educational games and video calls. And absolutely no Angry Birds or anything mindless.

Of course, your little one had other ideas. He was only two days old when he noticed the phone you snuck out of your pocket to answer a text. Bright lights? Movement? Vibrant colors? It was love at first sight.

So a little screen time crept in. A video call to Grandma here, a little alphabet game there. But all worthwhile things, you reasoned. No furious fowl or any sort of shooting… or so you thought until you walked in on a Minecraft session the other day.

The thought stuck: What is your family doing online? How can you keep them safe? How can you possibly keep up with all one hundred and three (or so it seems) devices your family owns?

Here at Clean Router, we want you to help you be the parent you want to be. We know that, between jobs, housework, and volunteering, internet safety gets pushed farther down the list than you would like to admit. You just can’t always be there!

Online peace of mind is possible. Clean Router can monitor all your family’s online activity: every device, every day. We will let you know where your family goes online, what they do, and determine when they can get on the internet. Clean Router will be there when you can’t.

We know you have a lot to do, but internet safety IS important. We know that you know that. So let us help!

Click here to learn more about how Clean Router can bring you online peace of mind. Protect your family today!

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