Do I need a lock box?

Every family and situation is different. We’ve found that most of our customers don’t actually need a lock box. In most situations the router being installed is sufficient protection. There are some, however, who are concerned that someone in the home will try to bypass the router by disconnecting it. Many have solved this concern by locking the router and modem in a an office or closet. This can be a very effective solution. If you have a locking closet to secure the router then you don’t need the lock box. The lock box is intended for those who have no other convenient way of securing their router.

An Easy and Cost Effective Solution

It is easy to setup and provides peace of mind. Purchasing a lock box can be a cost effective solution. By locking the Clean Router and your Cable or DSL Modem together in the box you ensure that all internet access in your home is properly channelled through the filter. Below are links to purchase the 2 items you will need:

Punch out the center holes, and then if you need more clearance for the Pro antennas, punch out the left and right holes.

Why not just a locking cable?

We evaluated many possible solutions to this problem. Amoung the things we tried was locking cables. These are a few of the ones we evaluated:

After much trying each of these locking solutions we came to the conclusion that each can be defeated with a single firm tug on the cable. They may deter some but ultimately don’t provide the level of protection we wanted. Additionally, they can be very inconvenient for situations where moving or reconfiguring of the cables is required.


The outside dimensions of the lock box are approximately: 13in x 13in x 5in