Co-founder of Clean Router speaks out on internet safety

Spencer Thomason, co-founder of Clean Router, has been featured on Phoenix 3TV! In the interview, he talks about the importance of internet safety and the need in the market for a more advanced filtering system.


“Software filters just don’t cut it anymore because there are so many devices around,” Spencer Thomason explains. “You’ve got to have a filter that will touch every device in the house.”


Because the Clean Router filtering system is programmed into the router, it can do just that– protect the 80% of your family’s internet access that happens at home.


Clean Router can also be a conversation starter between parents and children about pornography and other dangerous online content. When kids see the router as well as blocked images or websites, parents can explain the dangers of inappropriate content.


Watch the whole interview here!


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Internet safety, sexting in the top ten health concerns for children

A new survey found that 51% of adults rank internet safety as a major health concern for children. This percentage makes internet safety the fourth biggest health concern cited by white adults. This data released by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health also ranked sexting as the sixth biggest health concern.


Other health concerns included teen pregnancy, school violence, smoking, bullying, unsafe neighborhoods, STIs, depression, suicide, and car accidents.


To read the full report, click here.


We know that staying safe online is important to you! To learn about how Clean Router can protect your family online, click here!


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Feature Friday: An undeletable history

Do you know what your family is doing online?

Of course! You can just check the browser history, right?

Think again.

It takes about three clicks to delete a browser history, and about three hundred clicks to recover it– if it’s even possible. If your family uses a Chrome browser, or does not have Time Machine enabled on a Mac, your internet history is probably gone for good.

Even if you can recover your browser history, who wants to spend hours comparing the new browser history to the old?

Luckily, Clean Router is here, and we can guarantee you an undeletable internet history. Our router tracks every website from every device that accesses your wireless network. Furthermore, you can access that history online, so it is available to you anywhere, anytime.

And only someone with your administrator password can access this history. So you know that your Clean Router history is as secure as everything else about your Clean Router.

Don’t rely on an ephemeral browser history to protect your family. Let Clean Router give you online peace of mind.

For more information on how Clean Router can provide you with a fun, safe online experience, click here!

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3 things you didn’t know about Snapchat

Do you SnapChat? If so, you are one of 100 million people who love to send quick “Snapz” to friends or family. Even if you are not a part of this social media craze, you probably have heard plenty about the app as well. After all, SnapChat = sexting, right?


Not necessarily. Just like any other social media platform, SnapChat can be used responsibly or unwisely. SnapChat in and of itself is pretty benign: user take a picture or video, caption it, filter it, put a timer on it, and send it to another user. Once the recipient opens the message, the picture or video disappears from view after the timer ends.


In a day and age where kids seem to love to let it all hang out online, it could be a positive sign that so many are turning to a more private social media platform. However, that privacy makes it hard for parents to monitor their children’s SnapChat activity. Whether you believe SnapChat is a blast or have banned it from your family’s mobile devices, here are three things you might not have known about this new app.


1) The messages don’t necessarily disappear

To clarify, the messages sent and received are not saved anywhere in the SnapChat app, or automatically saved on either the sending or receiving device. However, that does not mean that all the messages are gone for good.

If the recipient is quick enough, he or she can take a screenshot and save the message to the mobile device. SnapChat will notify the sender if the recipient takes a screenshot. However, if the recipient uses a camera on a different device, no notification will occur. There are other third party apps that can save SnapChat messages as well.


2) If you are under thirteen years old, your account will automatically be a Snapkidz account.

Snapkidz, the child version of SnapChat, allows users to snap pictures and play with the images but not to send or receive messages. Anyone who creates an account and enters a birthday that indicates their age is under thirteen will automatically receive a Snapkidz account.

This is a great safety feature, but of course it relies on users’ honesty. It is simple to put in a false birthday when creating an account, or even to delete a Snapkidz account and reinstall the SnapChat app with a “new” birthday to get access to an “adult” account.


3) It can be another FaceTime or Skype

It’s less commonly known that SnapChat also has a video call feature. Tap the square in the bottom left hand corner, and you’ll be taken to your friends list. Swipe right on a friend’s name, and SnapChat will make a chat space for your conversation. You can send text, image, or video messages from here. But, if your friend is online and on SnapChat, a box in the bottom right hand corner will turn blue. If you press and hold the blue box, your friend will be able to see and hear you. If your friend also holds down the blue box, you will see him or her as well.

SnapChat’s video calling is a bit unwieldy at first compared to Skype or SnapChat (you have to keep your finger on the screen or swipe the lock symbol to maintain the video call), but it provides clear calls and a good connection once you get the hang of it. Just know that anyone on your friends list can call if you are on SnapChat.


Like almost any other social media platform, SnapChat can be fun in wise hands and incredibly dangerous in immature hands. If your teens are still getting the hang of internet safety or need their online activity monitored, this app is probably not suitable for your family. While most people nowadays understand that nothing online truly goes away, SnapChat’s disappearing messages create an illusion of internet privacy. It is refreshing to step away from the show-all, tell-all social media world, but just because something seems lost does not mean it cannot be found.


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Feature Friday: Go Incognito

Have you ever gone incognito? A cool costume, a funky hat, maybe even a fake mustache…. it’s a fun way to be someone else for a few hours.

Have you ever gone incognito online? Using an incognito tab can be a great way to keep personal things personal. No one wants underwear ads popping up everywhere after looking for pajamas on Amazon (True story).

But, incognito tabs can have nefarious purposes. And like any good parent, you want to monitor ALL your children’s internet activity– not just what they choose to show you.

Clean Router gives you the perks of incognito without the risks. Your incognito browsing still won’t leave cookies on your computer, but Clean Router will still filter your internet. Even better, all the pages your family visits will still be recorded in your Clean Router history and included in your nightly email.

This weekend, feel free to go incognito! Have you tried the mustache glasses yet?

For more information about how Clean Router can protect your family online, click here!

Arizona Family Council endorses Clean Router

The Pope, Pornography, and Hypocrisy

Recently Pope Francis gave a press conference on his plane en route from Sarajevo to Rome. Among other things, he spoke out on the dangers of pornography and unhealthy dependence on technology.

Speaking of the media, according to The Telegraph, he said, “There are dirty things, from pornography to semi-pornography, to programmes that are empty and without values – for example programmes that are hedonistic and consumerist. We know that consumerism is a cancer in society.”

He also spoke approvingly of parents who remove computers and televisions from their children’s bedrooms.

On Tuesday, Clean Router featured an article on our social media pages about this press conference from Breitbart. We felt Pope Francis’ message about families and internet safety contributed to our mission to protect families online.

A great conversation started on our Facebook page about hypocrisy. Do the imperfections of the Catholic church and the crimes of some of its leaders make Pope Francis a negative role model? Is Pope Francis a hypocrite for promoting moral behavior in spite of other Catholic leaders’ immoral behavior?

Pope Francis does currently represent the Catholic church. However, he has never excused or condoned the crimes of its leaders or members. His personal imperfections (that we all possess) do not take away from the validity of his advice on pornography, technology, and the family.

Here at Clean Router, we agree with Pope Francis that pornography dangerous filth. We also believe, like he does, that wise parents monitor their children’s use of technology. Some parents may choose to remove all electronic devices from bedrooms. This can definitely be a wise decision.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for making a stand for internet safety!

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2 Things Your Teenager Needs To Know About Pornography

There is so much information out there about pornography, and your teenager hears it all. Some of it is false, some of it is true, and some of it is somewhere in the middle.


We know it is important to talk to our children about pornography, preferably long before they become teenager. But with everything you could say during one of those talks, what does your teenager really need to know?


It’s fake


Everything about it. The men and the women. What they say, and what they do. The actors even lie through their teeth when they are not filming (Note: The article contains mature content). Their bodies are prepped and painted and surgically enhanced and digitally altered.


Your teenager needs to know that pornographic depictions of sexual encounters are unrealistic. He or she needs to know that men and women in loving relationships do not enjoy subjecting and degrading or being subjected or degraded.


Your teenager needs to know that most of those who work in pornography are manipulated, threatened, and sometimes outright enslaved. That their “jobs” lead them to substance abuse, disease, and mental illness.


Your teenager needs to know that porn stars are not celebrities– they are working in dead-end jobs. Few employers are willing to hire someone whose only skills are pornography-related.


It’s addictive


Pornography works the same way as a drug. Here’s a 9th grade health class explanation: The first time someone use a drug (or pornography), his/her brain is flooded with dopamine, the pleasure hormone. The user literally has never felt so good. But the next time, using the drug doesn’t feel as pleasurable. Scientists believe this might be a result of the brain discarding some of its dopamine receptors because of the initial flood. Over time, the drug provides less and less of a rush, leading the user to seek more and more hits to feel the high. Eventually, the user has to partake of the drug just to feel a normal sense of well-being.


With pornography, the desensitization process normally leads to seeking out more and more intense pornography and then acting out in real life.


Teach your teenager that pornography will rob them of the ability to enjoy a normal life and a normal relationship.


Whatever else you teach your teenagers, make sure they know that pornography is fake and addictive. There is nothing educational about pornography; it is not indicative of healthy relationships, love, or physical intimacy. Pornography reshapes the brain and sucks in users over and over again.


Make sure your teenager is warned and prepared.


Ready to BLOCK ALL PORN from your home?


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Clean Router Satisfaction Guarantee

Feature Friday: Summer Sale!

What’s better than squeaky clean fast internet?


Squeaky clean fast internet on sale!


We are excited to announce the Clean Router will be on sale for the month of June. Make sure you, your friends, and your family are getting online peace of mind for less!


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If your family and friends are still without squeaky clean fast internet, share the benefits of owning a Clean Router! When referring others to us, be sure to give them your email address. We’ll send you a $5 Amazon gift card if they list you under the “Where did you hear about us” section on the purchase page.


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Don’t you just love June?

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Feature Friday: Slow? Not Us!

It’s quite possible that the only thing worse than dangerous, unfiltered internet is a filter that slows your internet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down.

Just kidding! (Maybe)

But seriously, who wants an internet filter that drags down your speed? Not us!

At Clean Router, we believe an internet filter should make your online experience less frustrating and more enjoyable. So, we created an internet filter system that WILL NOT SLOW DOWN YOUR INTERNET.

(It was a lot of work.)

Don’t believe us? Here’s how we did it…..

As you might know, the Clean Router is entirely contained within the router. Other filters communicate with a remote server or service. Picture the filter as a kid who wants to play at a friend’s house. The kid has leave his friend, run back to the house, ask his mom, and run back to his friend before they can go play.

On the other hand, your Clean Router is all grown up and makes its own decisions. By putting the filter in the router, we gave your Clean Router the ability to make judgement calls right there and eliminated the need to communicate with an external device. This allows the router to put all its speed towards your internet content.

And there’s more! We can’t guarantee this, but some of our users have even reported that their internet speeds have INCREASED. This is probably because Clean Router blocks a lot of ad content automatically, which allows the page to load faster.

Clean, worry-free internet and faster too?

We’re sold, and we know you will be too!