PCMag Reviews Clean Router

Teen creates cyberbullying prevention app

Fifteen year old Trisha Pribhu read about the suicide of an eleven year old girl in Florida and knew something had to change. Like too many other teen and tween suicides, the girl had been cyberbullied.

So, Trisha created the app “ReThink,” a cyberbullying prevention app. Once installed, the app can detect potentially hurtful messages and will ask the user “Are you sure you want to post this message?” The user then has the option to cancel the message or to go ahead and send. According to Prabhu’s research, users cancel the message about 93% of the time.

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PCMag Reviews Clean Router

Internet safety resource launched by BT, pop star

British pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor and telecommunications giant BT has launched a new internet safety resource for parents titled “Internet Matters.” The website, located at internetmatters.org, contains information for parents and kids about topics like online pornography, cyberbullying, identity protection, and sexting.

Prime Minister David Cameron praised Internet Matters and added, “As a father-of-three, I take this issue extremely seriously because the internet is a fantastic resource for young people – a place where they can be educated and entertained – but this virtual world can also pose a great danger to children… There is nothing more important than the safety of our children.”

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Here’s what porn REALLY does to your brain

Porn is fake, but its effects are very real. A Daily Mail article has rounded up the research on the danger of pornography. Among other results, research has found that exposure to pornography affects people similarly to exposure to hard drugs. Upon viewing explicit media, the brain produces a surge of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. As users repeatedly trigger surges of dopamine through pornography, the brain becomes desensitized. It will then take more and more stimulation to produce the same level of “high.”

Eventually, real life physical intimacy just won’t be exciting enough. Those who use pornography will need more hard-core porn and more of it to experience a normal physiological sexual response.

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Feature Friday: Two Exciting Announcements!

Happy Friday! We are thrilled to announce two new developments here at Clean Router.

Clean Router Pro front view

First, we have released our newest model, Clean Router Pro! This latest addition to the Clean Router family has all the features you know and love combined with FASTER Wi-Fi speed and a WIDER range. Whether you are new to Clean Router or just feel like it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll love Clean Router Pro.

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Thanks, Phoenix Business Journal!

Clean Router has been featured in the Phoenix Business Journal! The article discusses the massive pornography industry ($2.8 BILLION– Wow!) and the need for internet safety both at home and at work.

We’ve also talked about some of the exciting new developments at Clean Router, like….

Clean Router Pro, our newest model, has faster service and a bigger Wi-Fi range than ever before.


The Clean Router Small Business model is due out in October with even FASTER Wi-Fi speeds and WIDER range for businesses.


Our change from an annual to a monthly subscription model.


The debut of Clean Search service beta next month!


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Why Block Porn: You want grandkids (someday)

Welcome to our first installment of the “Why Block Porn” series. Every so often, we want to remind why it’s so important to keep pornography out of your home.

Involvement with pornography has many insidious consequences, both short term and longterm.  But, this week we want to focus one particularly sad consequence of a son or daughter’s pornography involvement. Surprised? Here are three reasons why.


1) Pornography isolates.

Porn users want to be alone to look at porn. When they aren’t looking for porn, they just don’t want to interact with others. It might stem from a sense of shame, or ordinary guys/girls might not seem as attractive or exciting after watching pornography. Both are common results of using pornography. Either way, an isolated son or daughter is less likely to socialize, date, marry, and have a family. Which for you, the parent, means no grandbabies.


2) Pornography discourages monogamy.

This study, published earlier this year, suggests that some men today are using pornography as a substitute for marriage. Whether or not that is true, exposure to pornography can make an individual feel that a lifestyle of multiple sexual partners is more desirable and fulfilling than a monogamous relationship. Pornography can also seem easier because there’s no “give and take” like healthy relationships require. Once again, that’s no commitment, no marriage, and no grandbabies.


3) Pornography interferes with sexual function.

Those who view pornography report being less attracted to their partner afterwards. This personal account is one example. Additionally, the media has begun noting a new phenonmenon of erectile dysfunction in a younger population than ever before. This “epidemic” has been directly linked to porn use. No babymaking means no babies.

So, if you ever want to browse the baby section of Etsy, snuggle a baby you don’t have to feed at 2am, or pinch some new chubby cheeks….block that porn!


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Miami Herald examines family internet safety

A special in the Miami Herald last month discusses internet safety for children well as some of the issues surrounding kids and technology. The article gives advice for parents on  related subjects including monitoring teens’ online activity, educating themselves on new technology and social media platforms, and teaching kids to protect their personal information online.

A list of internet safety tips from the National Children’s Advocacy Center was also included:

▪ Don’t share photos that reveal personal information like a T-shirt with the name of your school or team. Never post any personal background.

▪ Don’t meet anyone you first “met” on the Internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents or guardian right away.

▪ Don’t download or install software or anything on your computer or cellphone before checking with your parents or guardian.

▪ Never respond to mean or rude texts, messages and emails. Delete any unwanted messages.

▪ Never share your password with anyone, including your best friend. The only people who should know your password are your parents or guardian.

To read the special at the Miami Herald, click here!

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Taiwan outlaws excessive screen time for kids

By now, we all know that too much “Angry Birds” is bad for kids, but what if excessive screen time was illegal?

In Taiwan, parents can be fined up to NT $50,000 (About 2,000 American dollars) for allowing their children to use electronic devices to the extent that causes them to become mentally or physically ill.

This law, the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act, formerly covered smoking, drinking, and drugs but was expanded in January of this year to include abuse of electronic devices.

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Do you think America should hold parents accountable for the amount of time children spend in front of a screen? Comment below!



3 tips to prevent a technology dependency

“Glued to their phones.”

That’s how observers describe most teens, kids, and young adults these days. Even for older adults, disconnecting can require effort.

These behavioral patterns can lead to difficulty with face-to-face interaction, dangerous driving habits, obesity, or simply missing out on real life.

In our day, preventing a technology dependency requires parental guidance for kids and teens and mindful effort for everyone. Try these three tips to help you and your family stay in control of your screen time.


1) Ask yourself “Why am I plugging in?”

It’s easy to mindlessly pull out your phone and start scrolling. Two hours later, you haven’t moved an inch, and you aren’t even sure where the time went.

When you log on, have a purpose and maybe even a to-do list. Say to yourself, “I am going to ____, ____, and _____, and then I am getting off.

If you find yourself absent-mindedly pulling out your phone or computer, put it away until you really need to do something.


2) Schedule tech time

It’s important to remember that life is more than screen time! Have certain hours for your family that are the time for social media, entertainment, and work, and then unplug when time is up.

If you use technology heavily for work or are constantly expected to be available by phone or email, consider scheduling at least a little time each day to put work away and be truly off the clock.


3) Implement screen free hobbies

Work, music, research, movies, games– with all there is to do online, it’s easy to forget how many cool activities don’t require a charger cable.

Picking up an unplugged hobby like hiking, crafting, reading (a real book), or running will make you want to log off. Your eyes, posture, and and brain will thank you.


How do you keep technology from sucking you in? Comment below!


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Internet safety “freaks out” even Gwyneth Paltrow

If internet safety is totally out of your comfort zone, and the thought of your kids online makes your heart stop, you’re not alone. Gwyneth Paltrow agrees.

The actress gave an interview with BlogHer last month detailing her struggle with setting limits for the internet with her kids.

Her 11 year old daughter, Apple, has an iPad and a private Instagram account, but not a phone.

Maybe Clean Router can help, Gwyneth!

What are your family’s internet rules?

You can watch the full interview here!