BREAKING: If You Own a Netgear Router Do This!

It was recently discovered that 11 Netgear Wireless routers have serious network security flaws. It is imperative that Netgear releases a security patch immediately.

It comes as a surprise to all but it appears that Disney Circle is the ring leader in causing this security error.


As you can see from the article below, this is not the first time Disney Circle has caused issues. This goes back as far as 2017 when it was released that Circle had more than 23 vulnerabilities!


Here is what we recommend.

Clean Router has just released version 5 of their router. It is built on the latest and greatest security patches and protocols to avoid any of these issues that Disney Circle has caused.

Not only does Clean Router provide a secure router, but it also has incredible internet filtering capabilities.

Some of the main reasons people (especially parents) love Clean Router is because they offer top of the line Parental Controls that cannot be matched. If you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

Clean Router has developed a cutting edge device to keep your kids safe online even when they are not home. Clean Router has recently released a new product called CleanPhone! CleanPhone is a way to ensure your kids’ safety even when they are outside the filtered WiFi of Clean Router.

CleanPhone offers the same Parental Controls as Clean Router and more! Check out these features here!

Due to the massive effect that Disney Circle caused Netgear Routers we are offering a 15% discount for life!

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Teens are spending more time on screens and enjoying life less

It may seem like today’s teens only enjoy screen-related activities, but researchers say the excessive screen time is keeping them from enjoying much of anything.

Researchers from the University of Southern California wanted to understand a previously documented correlation between teens’ screen time and substance use. They believed that anhedonia, the reduced ability to experience pleasure or enjoy previously favored activities, may explain why teens who spend more time on their screens are more likely to use controlled substances. Anhedonia is a common symptom of depression, and other research had pointed to a relationship between screen time and decreased mental health.

The study surveyed over a thousand fourth graders four times over the course of three years about their screen time and anhedonia. As the researchers had thought, the teens who spent more time on their screens were more likely to experience anhedonia. The teens who experienced anhedonia were also more likely to engage in substance use, thus confirming the theory that anhedonia was a factor in the correlation between screen time and substance use.

It’s a phenomenon we have all experienced, on a small scale at least. After finishing an episode of a tv show, the most attractive activity is another episode. After a morning of binge-watching Netflix, it’s hard to feel motivated to get up and go for a hike. The more we invest in social media, the more reality feels dull and colorless in comparison. We’ve all seen children often wander in circles after Mom turns off the tv. Real life is slower, understated, and less flashy than life plugged in.

When we understand better how our brains work, and how stimuli affect our brains, it allows us to go through life aware and equipped to take control. We can second-guess our lack of desire to unplug and remind ourselves of the joys of in-person interaction, the outdoors, physical exercise, and more. Mindfulness helps us see through the brain fog and remind ourselves who we really want to be.

You can read the study here.

Ready to help your family unplug? Clean Router is the best parental controls router on the market with device-specific scheduling, web content filtering, black and white lists, and the option to block ALL porn sites. We stand by our products with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Why wait? Online peace of mind is only a few clicks away.

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Clean Router Features Review

Clean Router is the #1 home internet filtering device

It provides the ultimate parental controls. Clean Router has some phenomenal features. 

Here is a list of a few of my favorite features:


If you don’t want to read then click this video! —>


Time Restrictions

I can personally set custom time restrictions per device in my family. For example I can turn off the internet to my 8 year old’s phone at 8pm. And I can turn off the internet to my 17 year old’s phone at 10pm. It is all customizable. One of my favorite times to do this is Monday night. I can turn off the internet to all my kids phone from 5pm to 8pm for family night. 


The blanket of coverage 

I love that every device in my home is protected by Clean Router. All TVs, phones, tablets, computers and even gaming devices are protected. Something that brings me comfort is even when my kid’s friends come over and connect to the wifi it will filter their internet as well.


Email reports

Everyday I get an email from Clean Router reporting what device was on which website during the day. 


Blocking Websites

Sometimes a website might not be pornographic but it may be simply inappropriate for some of my family members. For example, I don’t want my 10 year old to have access to the website Victoria’s secret. I can add that to the blocked websites list. I will also be notified if someone tries to access a blocked website.

These are only a few of my favorite features that Clean Router has to offer!

Learn More Here!


An interactive internet safety guide for kids– check it out!

Add some real-world education to your kids’ coronaschool curriculum!


AT&T has created an internet safety tutorial for kids that quizzes them on online etiquette, protecting personal information, social media safety, and more!




Sunny, straightforward, and practical, Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety will entertain and educate kids. It’s probably best for ages six to ten years old.


2018-04-10 (1)


Sammy’s Internet Safety Guide does leave off some topics parents will want to make sure to cover, like avoiding pornography, social media FOMO, and the benefits of unplugging. Check out our blog for tips on talking to kids about pornography and the effects of too much screen time!


You can also download Sammy’s Internet Safety Guide and print or save it on your computer. This could be a great test to make kids pass before they get online. Parents, teacher, and librarians– take note!


We applaud AT&T for promoting internet safety education for kids! Check out Sammy’s Internet Safety Guide here.


Protect your home with Clean Router! Download our Parent App today to make internet safety easier than ever.


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Clean Router Review

3 Reasons why I love my Clean Router:


Time Restrictions


In my family we have loved the time restriction feature. For example. Monday night when we have family night all my kids have their internet turned off from 6pm to 8pm. There are no distractions and they all know after family night they can have some internet time before bed. Another great part of this feature is that it is completely customizable. My 8 year old’s time restrictions begin at 8pm so that he can go to bed. However, my 17 year old is up till about 10pm doing homework so his restrictions don’t begin until then. Even though I trust that my kids aren’t looking at naughty things (even if they tried clean router would block it) I have the reassurance that they aren’t spending hours in bed watching cat videos losing out on valuable sleeping time. 


1 install fixes all

Another reason I love Clean Router is for the simplicity. It isn’t like so many of these other products out there where you have to install it on every device. As soon as I set it up I know that any device that connects to my house’s wifi will be protected by Clean Router. That includes my family’s friends that come over. 


Email reports/alerts

Every evening I can get an email report from Clean Router telling me which devices were on which websites. I really appreciate having this. That way if there is anything going on I can know about the issue before it festers and can become detrimental. Going along with the email reports I also get a text message any time a device attempts to access a website that I have personally black listed (banned from our internet). 



These are a few of the features that I absolutely love about Clean Router. The time restrictions are easy to set up. The device is extremely simple to use and I get personal alerts about what is happening on the internet in my home. If you are on the fence about getting a Clean Router I HIGHLY recommend it. It is worth every penny knowing that my kids are protected from the plagues of the outside world.