Protect Your Holy Place

Are you a pastor, a priest, a rabbi, an imam, or a religious leader of any kind? Then we have an important message for you!


We know that your place of worship is special to you and your community. It is a place of love, trust, community, and faith. You feel safe there, and you want your congregation to be safe there as well.


Most churches these days have internet access.  It’s a great resource for teaching and learning. But, as you know, many portions of the internet are predatory and unholy. Pornography has no place in your worship– for good reason! How can you utilize all the best of the internet without exposing your congregation to dangerous content?


Here at Clean Router, we want to help you protect your holy place. Our filtering technology blocks online pornography at the door. No matter how many or what kind of wi-fi capable devices come through your doors, our Clean Router will filter every single one. No one will be able to use your internet connection to access pornography.


A holy place should be a safe place. Let Clean Router protect your church and give you online peace of mind.



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Librarians: Comply with CIPA without overfiltering!

Your library is pinching every penny and really can’t afford to forgo the e-rate discount program through the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). On the other hand, though, you have read about the dangers of overfiltering and feel strongly about allowing your community access to all educational resources. What’s a librarian to do?


Clean Router provides user-friendly filtering and puts YOU in charge of deciding how much access your library patrons should have. Our features are completely customizable, and you can adjust the settings yourself from any computer or mobile device.


Here’s how it works:


Navigate to on any computer.





The overall filtering strength option is under Router Status. You’ll choose between strict, moderate, and relaxed.


2018-03-09 (2)


The other filtering options are under Filter Lists and Filter Status.


2018-03-09 (1)


On the Black List page, you can block access to any website you choose. Simply type the URL into the space provided, click the green button, and hit Save before you leave the tab. The White List similarly allows you to override the filter and allow any website. We’ve also provided a grey list, a TLD list, and a key word list that allow you to further customize the filtering.


2018-03-09 (3)


The Categories page allows you to decide whether you want to provide access to certain topics like gambling, drugs, violence, and art nudes.


To facilitate compliance with CIPA’s monitoring requirement, we’ve also included a logging feature that will record every site visited on the Clean Router network, even if users browse in incognito tabs.


2017-08-17 (5)


Complying with CIPA doesn’t have to be a headache or limit your community’s access to educational resources!



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block porn

Keep your library family-friendly with Clean Router!

Beanbag chairs? Check!


Extensive picture book collection? Check!


Family story time? Check!


Homework stations with computers? Check!


Internet access? Hmmmm…..


For families, no community resource is more valuable than the public library. Research shows having books in the home is strongly linked to kids’ academic achievement later in life, and, for many low- or middle-income families, this just isn’t possible without access to a public library. As the kids grow, the library can provide a quiet place and internet access to do homework, opportunities to connect with kids and adults in the community, and encourage them to keep reading. Particularly as an equalizer, the public library’s importance cannot be overstated.


Internet access opens the world to your community, and, for the most part, this is a wonderful thing. However, we all know the world is a complicated and sometimes downright disturbing place. Providing unrestricted internet access to the kids and youth of your community puts them at risk.


How? Research shows that kids who access violent media suffer academically, emotionally, and in their relationships. Teens who say they enjoy violent video games have a higher hostile attribution bias and are more likely to respond to others with hostility and aggression. Consumption of violent media has also been linked to decreased verbal skills, lower academic performance, and shortened memory and attention span.


Kids and teens who view pornography don’t fare any better. They also suffer academically and have decreased memory function and attention span, are more dissatisfied later in life, are more likely to perpetrate sexual harassment and develop problematic attitudes about women, struggle with substance abuse and participate in risky sexual behaviors.


Librarians, don’t let the dark side of the web drag your library down and threaten the kids of your community! Clean Router can filter every device connected to your network automatically, and you can adjust the filters and approve or block websites easily at any time!


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